PP PE PVC Plastic Film Recycling Line

Plastic film granulation line is a recycling line that processes waste plastics into recycled plastic pellets. It can process HDPE and LDPE films, such as shopping bags, packaging films, etc., PP films, such as food packaging, bags, etc., and PVC, PC, PS, etc. The output is 200kg/h-3000kg/h, and the production line can be customized according to customers' requirements.

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plastic film recycling line

With the increasing development of the modern recycling industry, Shuliy Machinery provides personalized service based on the actual needs of customers and customizes integrated plastic washing and pelletizing solutions for customers. Shuliy Machinery has manufactured plastic film recycling machines for over ten years and exported them to many countries such as Kenya, Malaysia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, etc.

The equipment of the plastic film recycling line includes a plastic shredder, plastic washing tank, plastic film dryer machine, automatic feeding machine, PP PE granule extruder, cooling tank, and pellet cutting machine. If you are interested in our plastic recycling machinery, welcome to contact us and we will provide you with the perfect solution.

Introduction of Plastic Granulating Line

The whole plastic granulating line is suitable for crushing, washing, granulating, and packaging PE/PP film, woven bags, agricultural film, cement bags, waste agricultural film, greenhouse film, drip irrigation belts, and other waste materials with different pollution levels.

The entire plastic film recycling line, from waste to finished products, has the characteristics of easy operation, high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy conservation. We can customize the optimal solution for users based on your needs and output.

3D Video of Plastic Film Recycling Line

This is a 3D video of a plastic film recycling line, showing the plastic film recycling machine required for the line and its production process.

Common Raw Materials of Plastic Washing Pelletizing Line

Plastic Bags: It is a bag made of plastic as the main raw material, which is an essential item in people’s daily lives.

Woven Bag: Also known as snakeskin bag. It is a type of plastic bag used for packaging, and its raw materials are generally various chemical plastic materials such as PP and PE. Although they are made from various chemical plastics, they have strong environmental protection and recycling efforts.

Agricultural film: Agricultural film is suitable for agricultural production or as a greenhouse film

Other films: PP raffia bags, industrial packaging film, nonwoven material, stretch film, etc.

Final Plastic Pellets of Plastic Film Recycling Line

Plastic Pelletizing Process

The raw materials are crushed by a plastic film shredder and then enter a plastic washing tank for thorough washing. Wet plastic film fragments are dried by a vertical dewatering machine and then heated to melt into a paste.

The plastic pelletizing recycling machine will produce hot strips that are cooled by a cooling tank and enter the pellet-cutting machine. At this point, they are evenly cut into small pellets. Finally, these recycled particles will be stored in a plastic pellet storage silo.

The equipment of the plastic film recycling line can be flexibly configured according to the raw materials and needs of customers.

Plastic Film Recycling Line Video

This video shows the process of pelletizing waste plastic film.

Equipment Introduction of Plastic Film Recycling Line

Plastic Crusher

The plastic crusher is mainly used for crushing and cleaning waste plastic products such as used agricultural films and woven bags. This equipment adopts an alloy steel blade with a long life, and the cutting knife is specially treated to crush the material into small pieces in a short time.

After the raw material enters the plastic film shredder, it undergoes high-speed rotation to crush large pieces of plastic. And the crushed plastic is filtered through the screen for output.

waste plastic crusher for reducing the size of plastic

Rinsing Tank

The plastic rinsing tank is used to clean the impurities such as mud and sand attached to the surface of waste recycled plastic pieces. It is made of stainless steel or iron plates and is available in a variety of models.

There are many stirring wheels in the tank that force the plastic chips to move forward and transfer the material in the pool from one end to the other end of the pool.

plastic scrap washing machine for removing dirt

Vertical Dewatering Machine

The vertical dewatering machine is mainly used in the conveying process after crushing and rinsing to replace manual material retrieval and increase the function of cleaning and automatic high-speed dewatering, thus achieving the remarkable purpose of saving labor and electricity consumption, while matching with automatic conveying device to form an automatic assembly line production.

vertical dewatering machine for water removal

Automatic Feeding Machine

The forced feeder is an essential auxiliary equipment for film, woven bags, and other recycled plastic pelletizing machines. The material is bitten by the screw of the feeding device and continuously and evenly supplied to the host machine to swallow in.

The speed control system can adjust the amount of feeding control, to replace the manual feeding operation, to avoid uneven manual feeding, prone to safety accidents, to achieve the purpose of saving, safety, and efficiency.

Automatic feeding machine of waste plastic extruder

Plastic Granulator Machine

The plastic film pelletizing machine is the most important equipment in the plastic film recycling line, which melts the plastic at high temperatures and then extrudes it into long strips to achieve granulation.

The dried plastic chips enter the plastic film pelletizing machine, melt by the heating system, flow out from the main machine outlet, and then enter the auxiliary machine. Under the extrusion of the auxiliary machine, it is extruded from the die head.

plastic film pelletizing machine

Cooling Tank

The plastic cooling tank is mainly used to cool the soft strip plastic materials extruded from the plastic recycling pellet machine and harden them. It is made of stainless steel, which ensures no rust and corrosion when in contact with water for a long time.

cooling tank

Pellet Cutting Machine

The plastic pellet cutting machine is to cut plastic strips into plastic pellets. The size of the pellets cut out is even. The plastic pellet cutter is easy to operate and has superior performance. The rotary knife adopts a hard alloy hobbing knife with high wear resistance, which is suitable for cold-drawing granulation of various plastics.

pellet cutting machine

Storage Bin

The stainless steel plastic granule storage silo is suitable for storing plastic pellets. It can automatically blow the produced plastic granules into the bin through an induced draft fan, which is convenient for packing and saves labor.

plastic pellet storage bin

Features of Plastic Film Recycling Machine

  • The configuration of the plastic film recycling machine can be flexibly configured according to customers’ raw materials and needs. The production capacity is 200KG/H-3000KG/H. Our company has had successful cases.
  • Wide range of applications. Widely used in recycling PP/PE/PA/PVC waste plastic film, waste woven bags, PP/PE plastic bags, household waste plastic, waste agricultural film, industrial packaging film, cling film, etc.
  • The main equipment of the plastic film recycling line is a plastic film shredder, plastic washing tank, vertical dewatering machine, automatic feeding machine, plastic film pelletizing machine, pellet cutting machine, etc. The plastic granulation process does not emit waste gas, and it is very environmentally friendly.

FAQs of Plastic Film Recycling Line

1, What is the plastic film recycling line output?

With an hourly output of 150kg, 200kg, 300kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, and other different outputs.

2, What are the heating methods of PE film granulators?

Electromagnetic heating, general electric heating, ceramic heating, quartz tube heating, etc.,

3, How many types of die heads are there for plastic recycling pellet machines?

Electric gear mold head, Non-mesh slagging mold head, Automatic hydraulic die head.

Successful Cases of Plastic Washing Pelletizing Line

Plastic Film Recycling Line Shipped to Oman

Shuliy Machinery has made a deal with an Omani customer for a plastic film recycling line and the machine has been successfully delivered to Oman. We look forward to its successful operation in Oman.

Oman Customer Feedback Video

1000kg/h Plastic Granulating Line Successfully Installed in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi Arabian customer purchased a complete plastic washing pelletizing line from Shuliy Machinery, which is mainly used for recycling plastic film, woven bags, etc. The whole plastic film recycling line was successfully installed and operated with the on-site assistance of our technical manager.