Waste PP PE Flake Recycling Line

The plastic pelletizing line is commonly used to convert waste rigid plastic products into recycled plastic pellets. Raw materials that can be processed include PE bottles, drums, plastic furniture, PP containers, pipes, automotive parts, PVC pipes, PS, PC, ABS, and so on. The output range is 200kg/h-3000kg/h.

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pp pe flake recycling line

This PP PE flake recycling line is mainly used for the recycling and pelletizing of hard waste plastics. The equipment of this plastic pelletizing line includes a waste plastic crushing machine, plastic scrap washing machine, horizontal dryer, plastic pellet machine, plastic Dana cutter, etc.

Shuliy Group can match different plastic waste recycling machines according to customers’ different production needs, applications, and raw materials, and help customers design their plants and reasonably arrange their machine displays.

Video of Plastic Pelletizing Line Equipment

plastic waste recycling machine display

Raw Materials and Final Products of PP PE Flake Recycling Line

The PP PE flake recycling line is dedicated to recycling hard plastics such as plastic drums, plastic tubs, plastic boxes, plastic flakes, etc. This plastic waste recycling plant recycles plastic waste into recycled plastic pellets.

Plastic Granulation Process

This PP PE flake recycling line mainly consists of a conveyor belt – a waste plastic crushing machine – a plastic scrap washing machine – a horizontal dewatering machine – a plastic pellet machine – a plastic cooling tank–a plastic Dana cutter and other components.

Through the above steps, waste plastic is processed into recycled plastic pellets. This PP PE flake recycling line can handle a wide range of plastic types, resulting in stable product quality and simple system operation.

3D picture of waste plastic pelletizing line

3D Video of Plastic Pelletizing Line

Related Equipment for PP PE Flake Recycling Line


Conveyor: Conveyor PP PE materials into the waste plastic crushing machine.

plastic crusher

Plastic crusher: The crusher plastic machine crushes PP PE waste plastic into small pieces.
Water can be added during the crushing process, which can play the role of cleaning friction while crushing plastic, and at the same time, it can reduce tool wear and extend the service life of the blade. So this waste plastic crushing machine has been praised and recognized by foreign customers.

rinsing tank

Rinsing tank: The rinsing tank is made of stainless steel and is used to clean the crushed material. The plastic scrap washing machine has many teeth plates that force the plastic pieces forward.

horizontal dewatering machine

Horizontal dryer: The horizontal dewatering machine is specially designed for dewatering hard plastic chips.
High-speed centrifugal dehydration, automatic discharge, dehydration rate of more than 98%, and a very high degree of automation.

rigid plastic granulator machine

Plastic Pelletizing Machine: This machine is used to melt the plastic pieces and extrude them into strips.
The plastic pellet machine is the most central equipment in the PP PE flake recycling line. The dehydrated plastic pieces enter the main machine of the granulator to be heated and melted, and the melted plastic is extruded into strips through the mold head in the auxiliary machine.
The process is simple and advanced, and you can choose the right model according to the size of the plant and the output.

cooling tank

Cooling Tank: The cooling tank is made of stainless steel and is used to cool and harden the soft strip plastic extruded from the plastic granules making machine.

pellet cutting machine

Pellet Cutting Machine: This machine is used to cut the cooled plastic strips into plastic pellets.
The plastic Dana cutter adopts high-speed rotating blades, which can achieve efficient cutting, a high degree of automation, adjustable cutting size to meet the needs of different customers, a simple overall structure, and easy maintenance.

storage bin

Storage Bin: The storage bin is made of stainless steel for the final bagging of plastic pellets. The elevated bin can reduce floor space and save labor. The size of the plastic granule storage silo can be customized according to the customer’s requirement, and the size is optional.

What are the Advantages of Plastic Waste Recycling Machines?

  • Efficient production: The plastic waste recycling plant is equipped with an automated control system, which can significantly improve production efficiency, and reduce manual intervention and downtime.
  • Stable quality: The precise control system of the plastic waste recycling machine ensures the uniformity and quality stability of plastic granules, which helps to improve the quality of the final product.
  • Easy to maintain: Modular design makes equipment maintenance and upkeep more convenient, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.
  • Customizability: According to the specific needs of customers, the plastic waste recycling plant can be personalized. Through flexible design and customization options, ensure that the equipment can fully meet the customer’s production requirements and process flow.

Successful Cases of PP PE Flake Recycling Line

Plastic Waste Recycling Plant Shipped to Côte d’Ivoire

This customer from Côte d’Ivoire is an old customer of ours, and this time he plans to purchase a brand new plastic waste recycling plant. Out of recognition for us, the customer chose us again.

After detailed communication and negotiation, Shuliy successfully reached a transaction agreement with the client. At present, the machine has been successfully delivered to Côte d’Ivoire.

Two Plastic Pelletizing Lines Sent to Ethiopia

Ethiopian customers have ordered these two plastic pelletizing lines for crushing and granulation of LDPE and HDPE plastics, respectively. Here is the shipping video we took for the customer.

Applications of Recycled Plastic Pellets

Plastic waste is everywhere in daily life. It can be made into pellets, recycled and reused, and applied in various aspects of life.

But the application areas are different. For example, convenience bags made from recycled granules cannot be used for food packaging, while some pellets processed from PVC may contain toxins themselves, so there will be restrictions on their application.

Generally speaking, primary and secondary materials can be used for film blowing, wire drawing, etc., while tertiary materials can only be used for injection molding. Using recycled materials to make plastic products saves resources and reduces solid waste pollution.

Factory Display of Plastic Recycling Machine Plant