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Shuliy Machinery has been specializing in the development and design of plastic recycling machinery solutions for more than 10 years. We have customers in dozens of countries around the world. We help the global plastics recycling industry succeed with perfect industrial design by providing technical support.

Shuliy Machinery offers a wide range of plastic recycling machines and complete plastic recycling plant items to all customers at excellent quality and affordable prices. We will be glad to receive your plastic recycling equipment inquiry and welcome you to visit our China factory.

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Plastic Recycling Plant-Complete Recycling Solutions

Plastic Film Recycling Machine | Plastic Bag Recycling Machine

The whole set of plastic film recycling machines is highly efficient and can recycle plastic film of various materials into plastic pellets.

Plastic Pelletizing Machine | Plastic Recycling Process
| Plastic Recycling Plant

This plastic pelletizing line is mainly used to deal with waste hard flakes. Common raw materials are plastic baskets and plastic barrels made of PE, PP.

PET Bottle Recycling Machine | PET Recycling Line

This PET bottle recycling plant is mainly used to recycle waste mineral water bottles, cola bottles, and plastic bottles made of PET.

Styrofoam Recycling Machine | Foam Recycling Machine

The foam recycling machine could process waste foam into pellets. These plastic granules could apply to make packaging, insulation, and other materials.

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Why Choose Us?

We have a variety of sophisticated plastic pelletizing machines, and supporting a variety of advanced plastic recycling machinery.

Through customer feedback and actual machine application experience, we constantly optimize and upgrade our machines to make them more efficient and more in line with actual production needs.

We insist on focusing on customer needs, grasping every detail of communication with customers, understanding their needs, responding promptly and providing the best advice.

We provide complete production solutions for our customers free of charge, including plant design, market profit analysis, selection and installation guidance, etc.

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