Successful Delivery of Shuliy Plastic Film Granulation Line to Oman

Plastic Recycling Granulating Line

After the successful delivery of the plastic film granulation line to our customer in Oman, Shuliy Machinery has once again demonstrated its outstanding capabilities. The success of this transaction could not have been achieved without the professional services of our excellent project manager, as well as our outstanding product quality and timely delivery. Let’s take a look at how this success story was reached.

plastic pelletizing production line
Plastic Film Granulation Line

Worked With Customers in Oman

Our customer in Oman embarked on their first venture into plastic recycling, and they had numerous questions regarding the feasibility of granulating plastic films, machine output, and the temperature required for PVC granulation. To address these concerns, they actively searched for a suitable supplier and eventually reached out to our Shuliy brand.

Our sales manager responded carefully to all the questions of our Omani customer. She explained our plastic film granulation line, including the technical parameters of the plastic recycling pelletizing line, the throughput, and the temperature range for production to ensure high-quality granules. Through clear answers, the customer gained a deeper understanding of our products and technology and gradually built up their confidence in us.

Successful Delivery of Plastic Film Granulation Line

After extensive communication with the customer, they decided to choose our Shuliy plastic recycling pelletizing line. Our team worked tirelessly to ensure a streamlined production process and delivered the machine to the customer in Oman on schedule.

Upon receiving the shipment, the customer expressed high satisfaction with our service and prompt delivery and they even voluntarily recorded a feedback video.