Vertical Dewatering Machine For Waste Plastic Films

Vertical dewatering machine is commonly used in plastic film pelletizing line, which utilises the centrifugal force generated by high speed rotation for efficient dewatering. The working speed is 900-1500 rpm.
vertical dewatering machine

The vertical dewatering machine is an automatic lifting and dewatering equipment for plastics after crushing and washing, mainly used in the conveying procedure after rinsing to replace manual fishing.

Application of vertical centrifugal dryer in plastic film recycling

Application of Plastic Film Dryer Machine

A plastic film dryer machine is one of the indispensable equipment in the plastic pelletizing process. It is mainly used for the dewatering and feeding procedure of waste plastic after washing.

This equipment has increased the function of cleaning and automatic high-speed dewatering, which can achieve the remarkable purpose of saving labor and electricity consumption, meanwhile, it is matched with automatic conveying devices to form automatic assembly line production.

The plastic film dryer machine is more suitable for plastic film washing and pelletizing lines. In the plastic granulation process, the plastic entering the plastic film granulator must be dry, and the dried plastic is conveyed into the granulator to make the finished product meet the storage requirements.

lifting dewatering machine for plastic recycling

Working Process of Plastic Scrap Dryer Machine

The plastic scrap dryer machine is a single-power, upright conveying type, with a working speed of 900-1500) r / min.

The working principle of the vertical dewatering machine is to send the material from the inlet to the inside of the vertical dewatering machine through the forced feeding screw, and then the centrifugal force generated by the high-speed rotation of the equipment for efficient dewatering, so as to achieve a good effect of dewatering and drying of plastic granules or flakes.

Stainless steel screen is optional and can be configured according to different materials.

Parameters of Plastic Drying Machine

The hot models of plastic drying machines are SL-500 and SL-600. SL-500 has 7.7kw power and SL-600 has 15kw power.

plastic scrap washing and drying machine

A Recycling Line Suitable for Vertical Dewatering Machine

A plastic drying machine is one of the important equipment for plastic granulation lines, vertical centrifugal dryer is commonly used in plastic film recycling lines.

Film material is relatively light, and plastic scrap dryer machine has a self-priming function, which can extract materials at high speed, convenient and fast, greatly saving manpower and improving work efficiency, which is the ideal waste plastic dewatering equipment in China at present.

Plastic Recycling Granulating Line

Features of Plastic Film Dryer Machine

  • Powerful rotary cleaning, and automatic conveying.
  • High-speed extraction, centrifugal dewatering.
  • Can be equipped with a reducer, feeding speed is uniform, avoiding jam caused by too fast feeding.
  • Automatic discharge, high degree of automation.

Factory Display of Plastic Drying Machine