EPE EPS Plastic Foam Pelletizing Line

The plastic foam pelletizing line is used to recycle EPE and EPS foam and process it into EPE or EPS pellets. Foam is widely used in packaging materials, protective materials, thermal insulation materials, disposable lunch boxes, and so on. The output of this plastic recycling line is 150kg/h-500kg/h.

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plastic foam pelletizing line

The plastic foam pelletizing line is mainly used to recycle waste EPE/EPS foam, with the final product being recycled pellets. Foam recycling machines including EPS hot melting recycling machines, Foam compactor machines, plastic foam granulators, etc.

The most important piece of equipment is the plastic foam granulator, which melts and extrudes the plastic into long strips for further pelletizing. The output range of this plastic foam pelletizing line is 150kg/h-500kg/h.

Raw Materials and Final Products of Plastic Foam Pelletizing Line

The raw material for the plastic foam pelletizing line is mainly EPE foam (Expanded polyethylene) and EPS foam (Expandable Polystyrene).

These foams usually originate from various packaging materials, disposable tableware, building insulation materials, and so on. These waste foams take up a lot of space before they are disposed of, and improper disposal can also pollute the environment. Through granulation, these waste materials can be effectively recycled and reused.

Foam Pelletizing Process

The granulation processes of EPE and EPS are slightly different. In the EPS pelletizing process, large pieces of EPS foam first need to be fed into an EPS foam shredder for pulverization. The crushed EPS foam is then fed into an EPS pelletizing machine where it is melted and subsequently extruded into long strips. Next, these long strips are cooled and finally enter the pellet cutting machine to be cut into uniform pellets.

EPE foam can be pelletized directly because EPE foam material is soft, and EPE pelletizer with an automatic feeding device.

EPE foam pelletizing

Foam Recycling Machine Introduction

foam melting machine

EPS Foam Melting Machine: This machine is an all-in-one foam-crushing and lumping machine. The EPS hot melting recycling machine is used to break up white foam waste such as foam fast food containers and insulated boxes.

They are then pushed by a screw to the heating zone where, after being heated and plasticized, the plastic foam is squeezed into blocks.

Eps foam compactor

Foam Compactor: The foam compactor is used to compress foam into cubes. After compression, the density of the foam increases, making it easier to transport and recycle.

plastic foam granulator

Plastic Foam Granulator: The plastic foam granulator is used to melt the plastic foam and extrude it into strips. The machine uses EPE/EPS as raw material for extrusion pelletizing and the processed recycled pellets can be reused.

cooling tank

Cooling Tank: The cooling tank is used to cool and harden the long strips of plastic extruded from the foam granulator for pelletizing.

pellet cutting machine

Plastic Pellet Cutting Machine: This machine is used to cut long strips of plastic into granules, the size of which can be adjusted.

Two Types Of Plastic Foam Granulator

There are two types of granulators for plastic foam pelletizing lines, an EPS foam pelletizing machine, and an EPE foam pelletizing machine.

EPS Foam Pelletizing Machine

The EPS pelletizer is suitable for pelletizing EPS foam such as foam fast food boxes, packaging boxes, and insulation boxes. The EPS pelletizer consists of a main machine, auxiliary machine, die head, and crusher, etc. It adopts a conical twin-screw barrel, which speeds up the filling speed and greatly improves the output.

EPS granulator

EPE Foam Pelletizing Machine

EPE granulator for the granulation of waste foam and pearl cotton made of EPE. The EPE foam pelletizer includes the feeding system, the compacting and extrusion system, and the vacuum exhaust system. Due to the special characteristics of EPE foam, the barrel length of the EPE granulator is longer than that of the EPS granulator and is easily identified by its appearance.

plastic foam pelletizing line

Two Types Of EPS Foam Compactor

There are two types of EPS foam compactor of plastic foam pelletizing line: vertical EPS foam compactor, and horizontal EPS foam compactor.

EPS foam compactor can easily compact foam and reduce the volume of plastic, effectively solving the problem of large size of EPS foam, recycling difficulties, and inconvenient transportation. The machine has a high compression ratio and can reduce the volume of plastic foam by up to 40 times. Compression without the addition of any other chemical materials.

Foam Recycling Machine Show