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Shuliy Machinery was established in 2011, specializing in the development and production of plastic recycling and manufacturing equipment. In more than ten years of business, Shuliy Machinery has always insisted on the mission of “Letting Chinese machines change every corner of the world ”. We do everything possible to provide value to our customers, so that our plastic recycling machines can help them produce and operate, improve production efficiency and generate more higher profits.

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At present, the main products developed and sold by Shuliy Machinery include plastic film granulation machine, plastic bottle recycling machine, EPE, EPS foam pelletizing machine, etc. Our products are made of high-quality materials and advanced technology, which can meet the different production needs of our customers.

Customer First

With years of manufacturing experience, professional plastic machine production practice, and advanced processing technology, we can provide the most professional service to our customers. According to the market and the specific needs of our customers, we can determine and customize the equipment that our customers actually need. Our customers are located all over the world, including many regions in Europe, North America, South America, Asia, and Africa. We have built long-term relationships with our customers to provide them with high-quality, high-performance plastic recycling machine and services.

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Quick response to customer inquiries, and a full range of attentive services.