PET Bottle Washing Plant-Cold Washing

PET bottle washing plant is mainly used to recycle PET bottles such as carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, fruit juice bottles, food bottles, cleaning products bottles and so on. Finally you can get clean PET bottle flakes. The output range of the whole plastic recycling line is 500kg/h-6000kg/h.

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PET bottle washing plant

Shuliy Machinery’s PET bottle washing plant is ideal for kick-starting the plastic bottle recycling business. This highly efficient machine processes baled PET bottles and converts them into non-polluting PET flakes. These high-quality plastic flakes can be sold to polyester staple fiber manufacturers, thereby realizing significant revenues.

The production capacity of this PET bottle cold washing line is 500kg/h-6000kg/h. Depending on your specific needs, we can also design and supply customized set-ups with additional machinery and increased capacity to ensure that our PET bottle washing plant perfectly meets your production requirements.

PET Bottle Recycling Machine Application Areas

PET bottle washing plant is mainly used for recycling PET bottles such as carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, fruit juice bottles, food bottles, cleaning products bottles, and so on. Finally, you will get clean PET bottle flakes. It has crushing, washing, and drying functions.

Shuliy Machinery’s PET recycling machine is the ideal solution for processing discarded PET bottles into PET flakes. By utilizing our high-tech plastic recycling machinery, the produced PET flakes not only maintain a high level of cleanliness but are also entirely free from contamination.

PET Bottle Washing Plant Description

PET bottle recycling machine converts dirty bottles into clean PET bottle flakes. The flakes can be further processed and reused with high commercial value. The production capacity of our PET bottle cold washing line can reach from 500kg/hour to 6000kg/hour. The main purpose of this line is to obtain clean PET flakes. The plant is divided into steps of unpacking, de-labeling, crushing, washing, friction washing, dewatering, drying, and packaging processes.

plastic bottle recycling plant

Working Process of PET Recycling Plant

1, Collection of PET Bottles: Firstly, discarded PET bottles need to be collected from various sources. These sources can include household recycling, businesses, restaurants, supermarkets, and recycling centers.

2, Sorting: Once collected, the PET bottles usually undergo sorting. PET bottles can come in different colors, sizes, and shapes, so they need to be categorized into different groups for further processing.

3, Crushing: The sorted PET bottles are often sent through a plastic bottle shredder to be shredded into small granules, reducing their volume for easier handling.

4, Washing: The crushed PET flakes undergo a washing process to remove surface dirt, oil, labels, and other contaminants. The cleaning process often consists of multiple stages to ensure the PET flakes are thoroughly cleaned.

5, Drying: The cleaned and sorted PET particles need to be dried to reduce their moisture content. This is a crucial step of the PET bottle washing plant to prepare them for further recycling.

6, Quality Control: Throughout the recycling process, quality control checks are typically conducted to ensure that the recycled pellets meet the required standards. These checks may include physical and chemical testing.

7, Packaging and Storage: Finally, the recycled pellets are often packaged and stored, awaiting sale or delivery to manufacturers.

Video of PET Bottle Washing Plant

PET bottle recycling process

Introduction of PET Bottle Cold Washing Line Machines

Plastic recycling bale opener

Bale opener: Used to break up packaged plastic bottle blocks and drop them onto a conveyor belt.

Tumbler screen

Tumbler screen: Suitable for large output PET bottle washing plants, its function is to separate PET bottles from stones, metals, and impurities by rotating. To improve the quality and purity of recycled PET bottle flakes.

label removing machine

Label removing machine: It is designed to remove PVC labels from PET bottles with a de-labeling rate of over 98%. In the case of flattened bottles, the de-labeling rate is more than 95%.

automatic plastic bottle crusher

Automatic plastic bottle crusher: This plastic recycling machine is used to crush PET bottles into PET flakes.

sink float separation tank

Sink float separation tank: This plastic recycling machine is used to separate PET flakes from PP/PE bottle caps. During the cleaning process, PET plastics sink while PVC labels and PP/PE bottle caps float.

friction washer machine and horizontal dryer

Friction washer machine: Friction washing utilizes the friction generated at high speeds between PET flakes to effectively clean debris.

Horizontal dryer: Dehydrators use centrifugal force to shake off water from PET flakes.

PET Bottle Recycling Machine Features

  • The high level of automation reduces your labor costs and guarantees a high processing capacity: 500-6000 kg/h.
  • The whole plastic bottle recycling plant can be designed to suit the dirtiness of the flakes and ensure the quality of the final product.
  • If your waste plastic bottles are dirty and have a lot of adhesive or oil on the surface, we offer you a PET bottle hot washing line, which can effectively remove the oil or adhesive.
  • Supports multiple washings to ensure the purity of PET bottle pellets to produce high-quality recycled bottle flakes.
  • Easy to install and maintain, and can be expanded and customized to meet production needs.

PET Bottle Cold Washing Line Sent to Congo

Our customer from Congo plans to open a PET bottle washing plant, and after careful communication and inspection, they purchased a complete PET bottle cold washing line from Shuliy.

Plastic Bottle Washing Line Installation Project in Nigeria

The Nigerian customer purchased two plastic recycling lines from Shuliy Machinery, one of them is a plastic bottle recycling plant, which has been running successfully with the assistance of our engineers in installation.

Related PET Bottle Washing line

You can also choose our plastic bottle hot washing line if you have dirty raw materials or want a cleaner end product. This PET bottle washing plant returns to a hot washing tank that removes stains that are difficult to remove with cold washing.

PET bottle plastic recycling machine
Plastic bottle hot washing line

PET Bottle Washing Machine Price

Shuliy Machinery is a PET bottle recycling machine manufacturer. Our plastic bottle recycling plant has been well received by many customers, and we give you the opportunity to improve the highest quality PET bottle recycling machinery at an affordable price so that you can operate your PET bottle washing plant successfully.

Please contact us to discuss the PET bottle washing machine price and ordering details.