Automatic Feeding Machine

Automatic feeding machine is an auxiliary equipment for plastic granulator, used to feed lighter plastics such as plastic film into plastic granulator. The power of this automatic feeder is 2.2kw, which can increase the pellet output by 20-30% compared with manual feeding.

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Automatic feeding machine of waste plastic extruder

An automatic feeding machine is suitable for all kinds of granular materials, flake materials film or woven bags, and other special feeders used when it is difficult to join the host.

pelletizer machine plastic
pelletizer machine plastic

Introduction of Automatic Feeding Machine

The automatic feeding machine includes a hardened gear reducer, drive shaft, and control cabinet. The machine can directly feed the complete plastic film into the extruder, under the action of the drive shaft, When the material is blocked, the machine can automatically turn over, to achieve the advantage of not blocking the material.

Advantages of Automatic Feeding Machine

1, The forced feeder has the advantages of easy operation, independent forced pressing material, safe production, reduced labor intensity of workers, etc.

2, In addition, this automatic feeding machine can increase the output of pellets by 20-30% compared with manual feeding. It is a must-have auxiliary equipment for film, woven bags, and other recycled plastic pelletizing machines. The machine can be matched with various types of plastic pelletizing machines and is easy to install and dismantle.

3, The automatic feeding machine has the advantages of continuous conveying of materials and automatic cleaning function, etc.

Application Video

Application of automatic feeding device in plastic film granulation

Working Principle of Forced Feeder

Due to the lightweight nature of soft materials such as plastic films, it is not convenient to feed them into the plastic granulator, so an automatic feeder is required.

After being dried by a vertical dewatering machine, the plastic enters the automatic feeding machine, and the material is continuously and evenly fed to the main machine for swallowing through the spiral bite of the feeding device.

The speed control system can adjust and control the feeding amount, thereby replacing manual feeding operations, avoiding uneven and prone to safety accidents in manual feeding, and achieving the goal of saving, safety, and efficiency.

Parameters of Forced Feeder