1000kg/h Plastic Pelletizing Line Successfully Installed in Saudi Arabia

Shuliy's Technical Manager Went to Saudi Arabia to Assist With the Installation.

Good news! A plastic pelletizing line has been successfully installed in Saudi Arabia. The plastic pelletizing line consists of a plastic crusher, two sets of washing tanks, two vertical dryer machines, a plastic recycling granulator, and a plastic pellet cutting machine. The customer has his own plastics recycling plant in Saudi Arabia and he is using this plant to recycle used plastic film. Below are the details of the case, please read them carefully.

High Output Plastic Pelletizing Line

This plastic pelletizing line is specially designed by Shuliy Machinery and is mainly used to recycle waste plastic films, woven bags, and plastic bags. The recycling process is sorting, crushing, washing, granulating, and finally storage.

The production line equipment can be flexibly configured according to the cleanliness of the raw material and the actual production needs. Due to high production volumes, our customers in Saudi Arabia are equipped with two washing lines. Our pelletizing equipment is affordable, cost-effective and offers solutions tailored to the customer’s actual needs and budget.

Solution for Plastic Film in Saudi Arabia:1000 kg/h Plastic Recycling Plant

Through communication, we learned about the production capacity that Saudi Arabian customers need to recycle and recommended a 1000 kg/h plastic recycling plant for them. The following are the advantages of this equipment.

  • High production: With a capacity of 1000kg/h, this plastic pelletizing line can handle large volumes of plastic film, thus increasing the final output of plastic for our Saudi Arabian customers.
  • A high degree of automation: This pelletizing line equipment uses advanced automation equipment to minimize the need for manual labor, thus reducing labor costs for this customer.
  • High returns: By maximizing capacity and minimizing labor costs, this customer can optimize production efficiency and produce more recycled plastic pellets, resulting in more revenue.

On-site Assistance With Installation

Shuliy Machinery can provide installation guidance. Our technical manager has now assisted the customer with the installation of the entire plastic pelletizing line and is looking forward to its successful operation in Saudi Arabia.

Plastic Waste Recycling Plant in Saudi Arabia

This is our customer’s plant in Saudi Arabia and the complete plastic pelletizing line that was installed.

plastic pelletizing line
plastic granulating line installed in Saudi Arabia