Plastic Cooling Tank For Pelletizing

Cooling tanks are used to cool long strips of plastic extruded from plastic granulators, reducing the temperature of the plastic to a suitable processing level for easy cutting. Made of stainless steel, generally 2.5m long and 0.4m wide, we can also provide customized service.

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cooling tank

The cooling tank stands as a crucial element within the plastic pelletizing line, playing a pivotal role. It ensures not only the quality of plastic pellets but also holds an irreplaceable position in the realm of plastic pelletizing production lines. If you’re looking to process waste plastic into plastic pellets, our plastic cooling machine can enhance your ability to produce high-quality plastic pellets with increased efficiency.

Role of the Plastic Cooling Machine

The plastic cooling machine assumes a decisive role in the plastic granulation line. Its primary function involves efficiently cooling the hot plastic strands that are extruded from the plastic pelletizer. The cooling water within the tank rapidly adjusts the plastic’s temperature, bringing down the temperature of the plastic strands to a suitable processing level. This guarantees the quality and performance of the plastic pellets.

cooling tank and plastic granule cutter

Material of the Cooling Tank: Stainless Steel

To ensure resistance to corrosion, high temperatures, and consistent long-term performance, stainless steel is the preferred material choice for plastic cooling machines. Stainless steel boasts excellent corrosion resistance, warding off chemical reactions that might occur when in contact with the cooling water.

plastic pellet cooling tank
plastic pellet cooling tank

Cooling Tank in Plastic Pelletizing Production Line

The positioning of the plastic cooling machine within the plastic granulation line is of paramount importance. Typically, the cooling tank is located immediately after the plastic pelletizer, where the freshly extruded plastic strands enter. This arrangement maximizes the utilization of heat from the extruded plastic strands. Through the circulation of cooling water, the plastic’s temperature is rapidly reduced. This swift cooling process prevents deformation or reduced quality of the plastic strands due to high temperatures, thus ensuring the ultimate quality of the plastic pellets.

Parameters of Plastic Cooling Machine

Shuliy’s cooling tank is made of stainless steel, generally 2.5m long and 0.4m wide. If you need to extend the length or other requirements, we can also provide customized services.