Plastic Pellet Storage Bin

The plastic pellet storage bin is the last part of the plastic recycling line and is used to store plastic granules or PET bottle flakes. It not only stores large quantities of plastic pellets but also ensures the quality of the pellets. The capacity of the storage bin can be customized.

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plastic pellet storage bin

The plastic pellet storage bin is the last link in the plastic recycling granulating line and is used to store the plastic pellets. The storage bin not only effectively stores large quantities of plastic pellets, but also ensures the quality of the pellets, thus providing a continuous supply to the production line.

Features of Plastic Pellet Storage Bin

  • Large capacity: Plastic pellets are usually produced in large batches, so storage silos need to be large enough to accommodate large quantities of plastic pellets.
  • Sealing: Plastic pellets are susceptible to moisture, so storage bins need to be well sealed to prevent moisture from entering and affecting the quality of the plastic granules.
  • Small footprint and space-saving: our plastic pellet storage silos are designed to maximize space-saving. The compact appearance makes it easy to adapt to different plant layouts and ensures that your production space is fully utilized.
  • Easy-to-clean hopper design: To ensure the quality and hygiene of the plastic pellets, our storage bins are equipped with an openable hopper design. This makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.
  • Size Customisation: We understand that different customers have different needs. Therefore, we offer the option to customize sizes to meet the unique requirements of different plants and production lines.

Plastic Granule Storage Silo Production Plant

Various capacities of plastic granule storage silos can be seen in the video, which can be configured according to the production volume, and customization is also available.