Vertical EPS Foam Compactor

Vertical EPS foam compactor is used to compress all kinds of EPE/EPS waste foam, such as fast food boxes, insulation materials, packaging materials and so on. The machine can compress the foam into blocks for transport and storage.

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The vertical EPS foam compactor, like the horizontal EPS foam compactor, is used to compress waste foam materials such as snack boxes, thermal insulation materials, and packaging materials. The machine can compress foam into blocks for easy transport and storage, as well as for reuse.

Introduction of Vertical EPS Foam Compactor

The foam cold press is an environmentally friendly machine that squeezes foam according to the principle of spiral rotation to generate pressure, and cold presses it for compression. EPS/EPE foam is compressed by a foam press, the volume is reduced exponentially, the density increases and it becomes a square block for easy transport and storage.

Features of the EPS Foam Compactor

The vertical EPS foam compactor adopts the principle of a screw-driven compression mechanism and it effectively solves the problems of EPS/EPE foam plastic with lightweight and large volume, difficult recovery, and inconvenient transportation. The equipment has a high compression ratio, and cold pressing treatment does not require the addition of other chemical products and does not produce any odor.

Compressed Foam
Compressed Foam

Application of Vertical EPS Foam Compactor

Vertical foam compactors can be widely used for the compression of all kinds of EPE/EPS waste foam. The foam enters through the inlet, is crushed, and then compressed. After processing by the screw mechanism, square foam compressed blocks are produced. The machine is durable and easy to operate and maintain.

Successful Case of Foam Compactor Machine

Foam Compactor Machine Shipped To Malaysia

Two foam compactor machines were successfully shipped to Malaysia. Customers from Malaysia are engaged in the plastic foam recycling industry and have equipment to recycle foam. Because foam is large in volume and covers a large area, it is not easy to transport and store, so he plans to purchase the foam compactor to compress the foam. Our sales manager sent machine pictures and videos to the customer and patiently answered his questions, ultimately gaining his trust. He purchased two foam compactors from Shuliy Machinery.

Vertical EPS Foam Compactor Sent To USA

A customer from the United States recently ordered a vertical EPS foam compactor, model SL-400, with an output of 300kg/h, which has been completed and shipped to the customer.