Waste EPS Pelletizer

EPS pelletizer is mainly used for granulation of EPS waste foam such as foam box, foam board, foam corner protector and so on. The capacity is from 150kg/h to 375kg/h.

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EPS granulator

The EPS pelletizer is suitable for the production of recycled and mixed-colored granulation of EPS and other plastics, mainly for the granulation of foam boxes, foam boards, foam corner guards, and recycled plastics. The function of the machine is to heat, melt, and extrude the waste EPS foam and then granulate it. These recycled pellets can be used directly in the manufacture of new plastic products, achieving the recycling of resources.

Our EPS pelletizing machine is made of high-quality materials, with a sturdy and durable structure, stable operation, low maintenance cost, and long service life. By using our EPS pelletizer, companies can efficiently process and recycle waste foam and reduce production costs. Welcome to contact us for more product details and technical support.

Working Video Of EPS Pelletizing Machine

EPS Pelletizing Video

Applications for EPS Pelletizer

EPS granulator applies to foam products made of various EPS materials. EPS foam is an excellent packaging material, such as household appliances, precision instruments, glassware, ceramic products, arts and crafts, and other products, which can not be separated from EPS foam parts as cushioning packaging. In addition, fast food boxes, insulation boxes, etc. are also made of EPS material.

EPS foam

Advantages of EPS Foam Granules Machine

  • The main and secondary machine screws and barrels are made of special materials for durability.
  • The fast feed rate greatly increases production.
  • The main and secondary machines are used for production, the heating temperature is stable, the molecular structure of the material is effectively improved, the permeability is enhanced and the quality of the granules is significantly improved.

EPS Pelletizer structure

EPS Pelletizer consists of a main machine, auxiliary machine, feeding port, motor, die head, grinder, and heating device.


EPS Foam Recycling Process

Firstly, the waste foam goes into the plastic foam crusher to be broken into small pieces, then into the EPS granulator to be heated and melted, and extruded from the auxiliary machine into the cooling water tank to be cooled, and finally into the plastic pellet cutting machine to be cut into pellets.

Why Do We Need to Recycle EPS?

EPS has excellent durable insulation, unique cushioning and shock resistance, aging resistance, and water resistance, so it is widely used in various fields and brings a lot of convenience to our lives. However, most foam products are disposable and are discarded after use, causing environmental pollution. Recycling EPS foam can bring not only economic but also social benefits.