EPS Foam Melting Machine

EPS foam melting machine is a device for breaking and melting waste foam, such as snack boxes, packaging boxes, insulation boxes, household appliance protection foam sheets, etc. The production capacity ranges from 100kg/h to 250kg/h.

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The EPS foam melting machine is specialized equipment for processing waste foam such as packing boxes, insulation boxes, protective foam boards for home appliances, and so on. It melts and compresses the foam into dense blocks by heating, which is convenient for storage, transportation, and reprocessing.

Working video of EPS hot melting recycling machine

Foam Recovery by EPS Foam Melting Machine

The EPS foam melting machine firstly crushes the waste foam into pieces and then heats it to melt. The melted EPS foam is extruded through the screw and cooled into foam blocks. The machine can minimize the volume occupied by EPS foam products and the melted material can be used to make other plastic products.

EPS Foam Melting Machine
plastic foam melting machine

Process of EPS Hot Melting Machine

  • The EPS foam is placed in the hopper for crushing.
  • Crush large pieces of foam into smaller pieces.
  • The foam is melted using hot melt technology.
  • Extrusion of melted foam with a screw.

Horizontal EPS Hot Melting Recycling Machine

There is another style of this machine, a horizontal EPS hot melting recycling machine. The feed inlet of this machine is flush with the floor, which is more convenient to feed the material into the feed inlet.

Why Choose a Shuliy Foam Melting Machine?

  • Suitable for various foam materials such as EPE and EPS.
  • With a small footprint, the machine can be used on its own.
  • Shuliy Machinery offers a wide range of models with different outputs and the machines can be designed on request.

Parameters of the EPS Foam Melting Machine

There are three main models of foam melting machines.

Model 220: Its outlook size is 1500*800*1450 mm, feed port size is 450*600 mm, configuration power is 15 KW, inlet power is 3 KW, and capacity is 100-150 KG/H.

Model 880: Its outlook size is 1580*1300*850 mm, feed port size is 800*600 mm, configuration power is 18.5 KW, inlet power is 3 KW, and capacity is 150-200 KG/H.

Model 1000: Its outlook size is 1900*1580*900 mm, feed port size is 1000*700 mm, configuration power is 22 KW, inlet power is 3 KW, and capacity is 200-250 KG/H.

Successful Cases Of EPS Foam Melting Machine

We have recently exported one EPS hot melting recycling machine to Malaysia, model SL-1000, with a production capacity of 200-250kg/h.

styrofoam melting machine sent to Malaysia

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In addition to EPS hot melting recycling machines, we also offer EPS foam compactors, EPS pelletizing machines, and EPE granulators. These machines represent different treatment processes for waste foam and are designed to meet a variety of recovery and reuse needs. If you are interested in one of our machines, please feel free to contact us.