PET Bottle Label Remover

The function of PET bottle label remover is to strip the labels from PET bottles, which is the first process of plastic bottle recycling line. The de-labelling rate of round bottles is as high as 98%-99%.

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PET bottle label removing machine: remove bottle labels.

PET bottle label remover is used to peel off the label paper from various types of PET bottles. The machine uses sharp alloy knives to ensure long time wear resistance. The label removal rate is more than 95%, which is an indispensable finishing equipment before crushing and further washing of plastic bottles.

This video shows how the PET bottle label removing machine works.

Application of PET Bottle Label Remover

  • Separation of PET bottles and labels.
  • It is the pre-processing work before the PET bottle recycling line crushing.
  • The PET bottle label remover can reduce the PVC content in PET net flakes and improve the final product quality.
  • Replace the manual tearing label, greatly improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and produce good economic and social benefits.

Working Principle of Label Removing Machine

The components of the PET bottle label remover include the spindle, the moving knife on the spindle, the fixed knife inside the label removing machine, and the fan.

The spindle is equipped with hundreds of blades, all of which are made of carbide knives with sharp tips. The blades have a certain angle with the center line of the spindle, and the PET bottles will be peeled off by the contact with the blades in the process of conveying them to the discharge port.

Then the fan will separate the label from the bottle. The machine has high efficiency and the rate of peeling off the label is up to 98%.

Features of PET Bottle Label Remover

  • Off-label rate: The off-label rate is 98%-99% for round bottles and 85-90% in the case of compressed bottles.
  • The barrel wall is the fixed knife, and the spindle is attached to the moving knife. There are about 600 fixed knives. The number of knives also depends on the type of machine and the diameter of the shaft.
  • Work 700-800 tons need to change the knife once.
  • The blade is made of alloy knife material, is wear-resistant, and has a low loss.

Parameters of De-labeling Machine

Outer Wall Thickness8mm
Label Removing Rate99%
The above model SL-50 is our best-seller, in addition, we also have other models with larger capacity. If you are interested, welcome to consult us, and we will introduce the PET bottle label remover machine details.

Recommended PET Bottle Washing Line

The whole PET bottle washing line includes a de-labeling machine, PET bottle crusher, PET flakes hot washing machine, friction washer plastic recycling, and horizontal drying machine. Shuliy Machinery provides personalized service, we can match different PET bottle recycling machines according to different production conditions and the cleanliness of raw materials of our customers.

Successful Cases Of Label Removing Machine

PET Bottle Label Removing Machine Sent To Nigeria

We customized the PET plastic recycling machine for our Nigerian customer at his request, including the PET bottle label removing machine, PET bottle flakes washing machine, and so on.

PET Bottle Washing Line Successfully Exported to Congo

Recently, a PET bottle washing line was sent to Congo. The customer has purchased a complete set of PET recycling equipment, including a conveyor, label removing machine, PET bottle crusher, frictional washing machine, and horizontal dryer. This is the trust and recognition of Shuliy Machinery.

If you need this kind of plastic recycling equipment, please feel free to contact us. We will provide a satisfactory answer.