Plastic Baler Machine For PET Bottles

This plastic baler machine is used for baling waste PET bottles, woven bags and other various plastic materials, compressing them into compact blocks for storage, transportation and disposal.

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Waste Bottle Packing Machine

The plastic baler machine is used to compress and pack various waste plastics or other materials into bundles for easy transport and storage. For example, plastic bottles, plastic bags, woven bags, waste tires, waste paper, hay, and so on.

Our plastic baler machine is divided into two types, vertical and horizontal, which are suitable for different working scenarios, customers can choose according to their needs, and we can also provide customized service.

PET bottle scrap baling machine working video

Plastic Balers Applications and Final Products

The baler machine for plastic has a wide range of applications and can be used for baling various raw materials such as waste cartons, PET bottles, oil drums, woven bags, cartons, plastic films, old clothes, textiles, wool, cotton, straw, and so on. Hydraulic plastic baling machines can pack them into bundles for easy transport and storage.

Plastic Baler Machine Structure and Working Principle

vertical baling machine structure
  • Place the material to be packed into the bin.
  • Activate the handle switch and the motor starts to run.
  • The hydraulic cylinder applies high-pressure hydraulic pressure to gradually compress the material in the bin into a solid block.
  • Finished packed plastic blocks can be easily stored and transported.

Two Types of Waste Bottle Packing Machine

Shuliy Machinery offers vertical plastic packing machines and horizontal plastic balers to help you bale waste plastic film or plastic bottles. We also provide the bale opener to help you break up the plastic, which is conducive to improving the working efficiency of the PET bottle washing line or plastic pelletizing line.

Vertical Plastic Packing Machine

A vertical plastic packing machine is a vertically designed baling machine that usually consists of a vertical cylinder-shaped compression chamber, a hydraulic system, a control handle, and an electric motor.

It works by placing material into the compression chamber and then using the hydraulic system to compress the material into a strong parcel. This parcel can be square, rectangular, or other shapes depending on the design and setup of the machine.

It is suitable for handling a wide range of materials, including waste paper, plastic bottles, textiles, metals, cardboard, paper, and many other compressible items. Because of its vertical design, vertical balers typically require less floor space and are suitable for work environments with space constraints.

Parameter Sheet

Vertical plastic packing machine parameters

Horizontal Plastic Baler

Horizontal plastic balers are horizontally designed balers that are larger and more automated than vertical plastic packing machines and are suitable for handling large quantities of plastic waste or other materials.

Parameter Sheet

ModelPower(kW)Baling size(mm)Capacity(t/h)
Horizontal plastic baler parameters

Plastic Baler Machine Quotation

If you are looking for a plastic baler machine or other plastic recycling machine, welcome to contact us or leave a message on our website!