Waste Plastic Extrusion Machine Common Questions And Answers

waste plastic extrusion machine

The waste plastic extrusion machine is a key piece of equipment, but in the process of use may encounter some common problems. This article will focus on several common questions to answer, to help users better understand the operation and maintenance of plastic pellet extruders.

FAQs of Waste Plastic Extrusion Machine

1, Q: What is the temperature required for PP and PE pelletizing? What is the maximum machine temperature?

Answer: In PP and PE pelletizing, a temperature of 240 degrees is sufficient. Plastic pellet extruders can be operated at temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius, providing a wider operating range.

2, Q: What is the capacity or output of a plastic recycling granulator?

Answer: Waste plastic extrusion machines typically range in capacity from 100kg/h to 500kg/h and can be customized to meet larger output requirements.

3, Q: How are plastic pellet extruder models distinguished?

Answer: Extruder models are usually distinguished by the inner diameter of the screw, and different models of plastic pellet extruders are suitable for production of different sizes and needs.

4, Q: What is the role of the waste plastic extrusion machine mold head?

Answer: The function of the die head of the plastic recycling granulator is to allow the plastic filler to be orientated, shaped, and continuously extruded in the head direction, producing a line with a diameter of 3.2mm.

5, Q: How often do I need to change the net on the die head of my plastic recycling granulator? Can the net be reused?

Answer: The frequency of changing the net in the die head of the extruder depends on the cleanliness of the material, if the material is dirty, it needs to be changed more frequently. And the net is reusable, it can be cleaned by fire and reused again.

Plastic Granulator Manufacturer

By answering these frequently asked questions, we hope users can have a more comprehensive understanding of the operation and maintenance of waste plastic extrusion machines. For plastic processors, reasonable operation and maintenance can not only improve production efficiency but also help to extend the life of the equipment and ensure product quality. In daily use, regular inspection and maintenance will become a key step to ensure the smooth operation of the plastic pellet extruder.

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