Plastic Pelletizer’s Operation Prohibitions

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The plastic pelletizer is a two-stage tandem exhaust pelletizer set, widely used in LDPE, HDPE, PP, and other types of plastic recycling granulating.

The specially designed exhaust port effectively removes moisture and volatile gases generated during the melting process, resulting in uniform, beautiful and transparent pellets. The plastic pelletizer has high production efficiency and adopts an advanced low-noise hardened gear with a forced lubrication reducer to ensure that the main machine can adapt to high-speed continuous operation.

Therefore, in order to better ensure the overall performance of the plastic pelletizer, extend the service life of the product and ensure the safety of the operator, attention should be paid to the operation of the plastic granulator.

plastic pelletizer

Plastic Pelletizer’s Operation Prohibitions

  • It is absolutely forbidden to start the plastic pellet making machine without preheating. The temperature of the barrel and head must be set to a predetermined value in each zone before starting, to ensure sufficient time for the material to melt. Ensure that the residual material in the barrel and the head is melted and that the internal parts such as the screw and manifold reach the set temperature.
  • Make sure that the materials added to the mixing feeder do not contain any destructive impurities, especially various bulk metals.
  • When abnormal sounds or unstable operation of the equipment is found, stop in time and find the relevant personnel to solve the problem. Do not repair the equipment during operation and do not touch the transmission parts with your hands.
  • No tools or objects in your hands may be placed near any rotating parts at any time. Do not put your hands or tools in your hands into the hopper of the feeding unit at any time after the unit is in operation. Remove material from the inside of the hopper or from the surface of the mixing blades by using a hose and not by hand.
  • Do wear protective gloves when cleaning the die and changing the screen.
  • When there is no material in the barrel, the screw is not allowed to rotate for a long time and the idling time should not exceed 3 minutes.
  • To stop the machine, turn off the feeder, main machine, sub-machine, pelletizer and fan in turn, and finally turn the speed governor to zero.
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