Plastic Bag Crusher Machine

Plastic bag crusher machine is a recycling machine specialized in processing plastic film materials. It can effectively crush plastic bags, greenhouse film, industrial packaging film, woven bags, etc. into fragments to facilitate the subsequent recycling process. The output is from 600kg/h to 1200kg/h.

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Plastic Bag Crusher Machine

The plastic bag crusher machine is specially designed to efficiently shred plastic bags, woven bags, agricultural films, and other plastic film products. The basic principle of this machine is to shred plastic bags into small pieces or pellets by mechanical force. This helps to reduce the size of the plastic for storage and further processing.

We have a wide range of plastic bag shredders of different sizes and models, so you can choose the right size machine for your needs.

different plastic film shredder

Applicable Raw Materials of Plastic Bag Crusher

Our plastic bag shredder is suitable for processing all kinds of plastic products, including but not limited to plastic bags, composting bags, agricultural films, woven bags, stretch films, greenhouse films, nonwoven material, bubble wrap, and so on.

These raw materials usually have different shapes and sizes, but the plastic bag crusher machine can effectively convert them into smaller pieces through its powerful shredding capacity, creating conditions for subsequent processing and reuse.

Working Principle of Plastic Bag Shredder

The working principle of plastic film crushers is based on the process of cutting and crushing. Firstly, the plastic products are fed into the shredding chamber, and through the action of the blades and rotating mechanism, the raw materials are quickly cut into small pieces.

Next, the high-speed rotating blades and the materials in the shredding chamber are strongly torn, so that the plastic is gradually turned into smaller pieces. Eventually, these plastics are collided and crushed many times to become plastic fragments that meet the requirements, ready for the subsequent processing steps.

The plastic bag crusher machine screen size is generally 40-50mm in diameter. The role of plastic scrap crusher screens is to control the particle size of crushed materials to ensure uniformity and improve crushing efficiency.

Working Video of Plastic Film Crusher

This is the application video of the plastic bag crusher machine.

Plastic Film Shredder Machine Parameter

The output of Shuliy’s plastic film shredder machine ranges from 600kg/h to 1200kg/h, with blade widths of 600cm, 800cm, and 1000cm. The number of blades is 10, and the material of the blades is high-quality 60Si2Mn. We have a variety of models for you to choose from, welcome to inquire.

Global Cases of Film Shredder Machine

Plastic Scrap Crusher Machine Sent To Botswana

Botswana wants to set up a plastic waste recycling plant and chose our plastic recycling machines such as a plastic scrap crusher machine, plastic granulation equipment, a plastic washing machine, and so on. We are looking forward to the successful feedback from Botswana customers.

plastic scrap crusher machine sent to Botswana
plastic scrap crusher machine sent to Botswana

Plastic Recycling Shredder Installation In Nigeria

Some time ago, our engineers traveled to our client’s plastic waste recycling plant in Nigeria to assist in the installation of a range of equipment, including a film shredder machine, a waste plastic extrusion machine, and PET bottle recycling machines. It is now running successfully.

Plastic recycling shredder installation in Nigeria
Plastic recycling shredder installation in Nigeria

Benefits of Using Plastic Bag Crusher Machine

  • Volume Reduction: Plastic products such as plastic bags, woven bags, etc. usually take up a large volume during waste collection and transport, whereas plastic film crushers can efficiently shred them into small pieces, thus reducing the space required for storage and transport.
  • Improve recycling efficiency: Using a plastic bag crusher machine to shred plastic products can speed up subsequent material handling steps, thus improving the efficiency of the entire recycling process.
  • Resource Recycling: Shredded plastic fragments can be used as raw materials and reprocessed to make recycled plastic pellets, which can be used to manufacture new plastic products, thus realizing the recycling and reuse of resources.
  • Reduced Costs: Plastic bag shredder processing of plastic waste reduces the cost of subsequent disposal because smaller pieces of plastic are easier to store, transport, and process.
Conveyor and plastic crusher
Plastic bag crusher machine in customer’s factory

Advantages of Shuliy Plastic Film Crusher

  • Efficient Shredding: The plastic bag shredder can quickly shred plastic products into pieces, improving processing efficiency.
  • Versatility: In addition to plastic bags, the plastic bag crusher machine is also suitable for a wide range of plastic products, with a wide range of applications.
  • Stable operation: Advanced design and high-quality manufacturing make the plastic film crusher stable and reliable in long-term operation.
  • Easy Maintenance: The structural design of the equipment makes maintenance and servicing easier, extending the life of the equipment.

Shuliy Plastic Granulation Line For Sale

To meet customers’ needs for the final product, Shuliy Machinery offers a plastic pelletizing line, including a plastic bag crusher machine, a PE film washing machine, a drying machine for plastic, a plastic granulator, and a plastic pellet cutting machine. This plastic granulation line can process waste plastics into plastic pellets.

Plastic Recycling Granulating Line
Plastic Recycling Granulating Line

Welcome to Consult Shuliy Machinery

Welcome to consult Shuliy Machinery for plastic recycling solutions. As a professional manufacturer of plastic recycling machines, Shuliy Machinery can offer you a reasonable ex-factory price. Our plastic recycling machines are cost-effective and have gained a good reputation in the world market.

If you are looking for equipment to process waste plastics into plastic pellets, our plastic recycling machines are the perfect choice for you. With our commitment to attentive after-sales service, we are confident that our customers will derive profitable value from the machines we offer. If you would like to know more about our equipment, please send us a message.