Inclined Belt Conveyor

In plastic recycling production lines, the inclined belt conveyor is a common and fundamental piece of equipment. Plastic recycling lines typically involve multiple processing stages. The design of the inclined belt conveyor allows for the efficient transfer of plastic waste from a lower position to a higher one, ensuring the materials move smoothly to the next production stage.
Conveyor: Transferring plastic bottles to the de-labeling machine.

The inclined belt conveyor is a piece of equipment used to transport materials at an incline, either from a low point to a high point or on an inclined surface. Inclined transport machines play an important role in plastic recycling lines.

Applications of Inclined Belt Conveyor

Inclined conveyors are a very common and basic piece of equipment in an entire plastics recycling line. Plastic recycling lines usually involve different processes that require conveying plastic scrap from one processing unit to another. An inclined belt conveyor can transport the plastic scrap from a low point to a high point, ensuring that the material moves smoothly to the next stage of production.

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Video of Inclined Transport Machine

Why Do Plastic Recycling Washing Lines Need Conveyors?

  • Material Conveyance: Plastic recycling washing lines often involve multiple processes, from waste plastic to final products. These processes may require the transfer of plastic raw materials, byproducts, and finished products between different equipment units. Inclined transport machines efficiently transport these materials from one processing unit to another, ensuring the continuity of the production process.
  • Labor Cost Savings: Manual handling of materials is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive but can also lead to human resource challenges and potential safety risks. Using the inclined belt conveyor automates material transport, reduces manual labor, lowers labor costs, and enhances the safety of the work environment.
  • Increased Production Efficiency: Conveyors enable continuous and stable material transport, reducing production downtime caused by material transport issues and enhancing production efficiency.
  • Reduced Material Loss: Belt climbing conveyors stably transport materials from one point to another, minimizing material losses due to scattering or drifting during transportation.
  • Adaptation to Various Process Requirements: Different processes within plastic washing pelletizing lines may demand different conveying methods. For instance, specific stages might require heating while others need cooling. Conveyor designs can be customized according to process requirements, accommodating a variety of production needs.

Iron Removal Device of Inclined Transport Machine

This inclined belt conveyor from Shuliy is equipped with a de-ironing device, at the very top of the conveyor belt. The iron removal device is mainly used to remove ferrous debris from the conveyed material to ensure the safety of the production process, the quality of the production, and the normal operation of the equipment.

Shuliy’s Inclined Transport Machine

Shuliy’s belt climbing conveyors are available in different styles, as shown above, so that customers can choose the suitable style. If you have requirements for the length of the conveyor, we can also customise it according to your needs.