Plastic Dryer Machine

This versatile plastic dryer machine is widely applicable across various production lines, including plastic pelletizing line and PET bottle washing line. It is specifically designed for drying a variety of plastic materials such as PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE, PET, PVC, ensuring the quality and performance of these materials in subsequent processing.

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plastic dryer machine

This plastic dryer machine is a piece of equipment used to process plastic products. Plastics usually need to be dried during the manufacturing process to ensure the quality and performance of the final product.

Plastic materials tend to absorb moisture during processing, and if not dried sufficiently, this may lead to quality problems in the product, such as bubbles, cracks, and discoloration. Plastic scrap dryer machines are essential in waste plastic granulation lines and plastic recycling washing lines.

This video shows the application of a plastic scrap dryer machine in a PET flakes washing plant.

The Role of Plastic Dryer Machine

The main function of the plastic chips dryer machine is to evaporate the water in the plastic products to ensure that the plastics will not have quality problems in subsequent processing and use. The following are the main roles of plastic scrap dryer machines:

  • Moisture removal: By using the centrifugal dryer dewatering machine, the moisture in plastic products can be effectively removed to ensure the stable quality of the products.
  • Increased productivity: Plastic materials with excessive moisture can lead to slower production during processing, as the presence of moisture affects the fluidity and fusibility of the plastic. Using a plastic dryer machine can improve productivity and speed up the production of products.
  • Avoiding discoloration and odors: Moisture can cause color changes or odors for some plastic types. By drying the plastic, these problems can be avoided, ensuring product appearance and quality.
  • Reduced energy consumption: plastics with high humidity require more heat energy to melt and process, while dry plastics can reach the required temperature more quickly, thus reducing energy consumption.

Working Principle of Plastic Scrap Dryer Machine

The working principle of the centrifugal dryer dewatering machine is based on the application of centrifugal force and is designed to effectively remove water or moisture from plastic materials. In operation, the plastic material containing moisture is first loaded into a specially designed horizontal drum.

Next, the drum is rotated at high speed by starting a motor. The centrifugal force generated by this high-speed rotation causes the moisture to be subjected to inertia and is separated from the plastic material.

Applications of Plastic Chips Dryer Machine

This plastic dryer machine has a wide range of applications and can be used in production lines such as plastic recycling granulating lines and PET bottle washing lines, and is suitable for drying a wide range of plastics such as PP, PE, LDPE, HDPE, and PET.

Plastic Dryer Machine Parameters

The hot mode of the plastic dehydrator model is SL-550, and its specific parameters are as follows:

  • Outer diameter: 550 mm
  • Length: 1000 mm
  • Filter aperture: 4 mm
  • Processing capacity: 1000kg/hour

With an outer diameter of 550 mm and a length of 1000 mm, this drying machine for plastic is suitable for production environments of varying sizes. The filter aperture is 4mm, which means that during the drying process, the plastic material that passes through this dryer is screened, allowing only pellets with a diameter of less than 4mm to pass through, ensuring the quality of the final product. It has a capacity of up to 1000kg per hour.

In addition to this, we have other models to adapt to various output needs and can also be customized according to customer requirements.

Two Types of Plastic Dryer Machine From Shuliy

Vertical Dewatering Machine

The vertical dewatering machine is widely used for lifting all kinds of plastic films, waste woven bags, agricultural films, plastic bags, and other materials from the plastic washing tank. It is usually installed at the end of the plastic rinsing tank and is mainly used in the production process such as plastic film granulation line.

Horizontal Dewatering Machine

The horizontal dryer is usually used in waste plastic granulation lines for hard plastic and PET washing plants, the materials that can be processed are waste plastic drums, plastic toys, plastic baskets, PET bottles, and so on.

Successful Cases Of Plastic Dewatering Machine

PET Flakes Dryer Machine Sent To Nigeria

The Nigerian customer chose a complete PET bottle washing recycling line, equipped with an air sorter after the PET flakes dryer machine according to the customer’s requirements.

horizontal dryer and air sorter
horizontal dryer and air sorter

Plastic Flake Dewatering Machine Shipped To Indonesia

Indonesian customers chose our plastic flake dewatering machine and also customized the drying ducts according to their requirements.

Technical support from Shuliy

If you encounter any problems with the use, Shuliy Machinery will provide you with technical support. Whether it is the operation, maintenance, or troubleshooting of your equipment, our professional team is always ready to help you. With years of experience and expertise, we ensure that your plastic dryer is always in top condition.

If you are interested in our high-efficiency plastic dryer machine, please feel free to contact us. You can also leave a message on our website to express your interest and questions. We will reply to you as soon as possible with the information you need.