Tumbler Screen For Waste PET Bottles

The tumbler screen is commonly used in PET bottle washing lines to screen out waste contaminants such as stones, metal, glass, etc. from PET plastic bottles.

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Tumbler Screen

The tumbler screen for PET bottles is a pretreatment equipment specially designed for the PET bottle recycling plant, its main function is to remove sand, stone, metal, and other impurities from PET bottles before the material enters the crushing and washing process, to ensure the purity and quality of the final recycled material.

By removing these impurities, the trommel for PET bottles effectively ensures the smoothness of the subsequent processing procedures and improves the overall quality of the recycled material.

Tumbler screen

Working Principle of Tumbler Screen

A trommel for PET bottles is a large cylindrical screen device rotating at low speed, usually at a slight incline. As the PET bottles pass through the tumbler screen, by continuously turning the raw material, impurities such as stones, dust, metals, etc. in them will fall off the screen.

The Role of the Trommel for PET Bottles

  • Removal of impurities and contaminants: Recycled PET bottles usually include a variety of impurities, such as dust, stones, metals, etc. Trommel for PET bottles can effectively strip, separate, and remove these impurities and contaminants from the surface of PET bottles using rotating screens.
  • Reduced manual intervention: The automated operation of the trommel screen reduces the need for manual intervention, reduces labor costs, and increases productivity.
  • Maintains equipment and extends life: By reducing contamination and wear and tear on subsequent equipment, trommel screens help to maintain and extend the life of the equipment throughout the PET bottle scrap recycling plant.

Application of Tumbler Screen in Plastic Bottle Recycling Plant

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