Shuliy Machinery 1000kg/h PP PE Film Plastic Pelletizing Line

plastic granulating line

This is Shuliy Machinery’s 1000kg/h PP PE film plastic pelletizing line. This plastic film granulation line was supplied to our customer in Saudi Arabia. We utilize high-quality plastic recycling machines to meet our customers’ high standards for plastic pellet quality.

Working Video of 1000kg/h PP PE Film Plastic Pelletizing Line

Here’s a video of a job sent to us by our client in Saudi Arabia. In the video, you can see that the customer’s plastic recycling plant is very large and has a high quantity of raw materials. So we recommend a 1000kg/h plastic film washing and pelletizing line to our customer. There are two plastic film washing machines in it, which help the customer to clean the raw materials better and ensure the quality of the recycled plastic granules. There are also two plastic granulator auxiliary machines, which can efficiently process more plastics and improve production efficiency.

Working Process of Plastic Film Granulation Line

  • Plastic Crushing: The first process of the PP PE film plastic pelletizing line. Discarded plastic films are fed into a plastic film shredder machine, where they are cut into small pieces or pellets.
  • Washing: The shredded plastic fragments are then sent to the plastic film washing machine to remove dirt, residual contaminants, and impurities.
  • Drying: Use a plastic dryer to ensure that the moisture content of the recycled pellets is within acceptable limits.
  • Pelletizing: Our pelletizing machines melt and extrude the plastic to form the desired pellet shape.
  • Cutting: Once the pellets are formed, they may need to be cut to the desired specifications. This step ensures that the pellets have the correct size and length according to customer requirements.
  • Packing: The final step in the PP PE film plastic pelletizing line, that is, the plastic pellets are packaged according to specifications, facilitating storage and transportation.

This is what our project is all about. We are proud to offer our plastic recycling solutions to customers such as Nigeria, Germany, Australia, Congo, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, Kenya, Mozambique, etc., all of whom are very satisfied with our quality and after-sales service.

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