Shuliy Plastics Granulator Running in Mozambique

Feedback from Mozambique customer

Here’s the good news. The plastics granulator sent by Shuliy Machinery to Mozambique has been successfully installed and operated. After the plastic recycling pelletizer machine was officially put into production, the Mozambique customer shared the video of the machine running with Shuliy Group. The Mozambique customer is very satisfied with the Shuliy waste plastic extruder, if you are interested in this case, please read on.

Feedback from Mozambique customer

Information on Waste Plastic Extruder in Mozambique

Mozambique customer purchased the main machine model SL-150, the power of this model is 37kw, and the heating method is ceramic heating. The auxiliary machine of the waste plastic extruder is SL-125, the power is 11kw, and the heating method is the heating ring. Shuliy Machinery has more models of plastic recycling pelletizer machines, customers can choose the right model according to the output.

plastics granulator

Why did Mozambique Customers Choose the Plastics Granulator?

The plastics recycling business is generating good revenues for our customers. Currently, the plastic recycling business is promising and plastic recycled pellets are in high demand in the market. This Mozambican customer can sell the recycled plastic pellets he produces, which will generate considerable income.

Working Video of Plastics Granulator in Mozambique