Frictional Washing Machine For PET Flakes

Frictional washing machine is one of the important equipments in PET bottle washing line to thoroughly clean PET bottle flakes through the friction force generated by high speed rotation. Power 7.5kw-15kw, output 500kg/h-2000kg/h.

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PET Friction Washing Machine: Remove the stains attached to the bottle piece.

Frictional washing machines are mainly used for PET bottle recycling plants. It is used to clean dirty plastic bottle flakes and is one of the important equipment for the plastic recycling process. Customers can choose different styles according to their needs.

Applications of Frictional Washing Machine

The friction washing machine is used to clean the waste material after crushing and is suitable for fast and efficient kneading and cleaning separation of various light materials with high impurities and heavy sand content.

The friction washer plastic recycling removes up to 90% of stains, improving the efficiency and quality of the entire PET bottle washing plant.

Frictional washing machine applications

Working Principle of Plastic Friction Washer

The barrel wall of the frictional washing machine is designed with rubbing plates for high friction. During its operation, the internal screw rotates at high speed to dislodge the stains adhering to the PET bottle pieces.

The bottom of the plastic friction washer is a fine hole filter, the top has an external water inlet, and the material from the inlet ends into the body of the machine through the high-speed friction blade rubbing washing, washing away the material mixed with mud and sand, pumping dirt and other impurities.

Structures of Frictional Washing Machine

The frictional washing machine consists of a spindle, mainframe, motor, stand, water inlet, inlet, and outlet. There are many rubbing plates inside the barrel, which use mechanical friction to remove impurities such as oil and sticky glue from the bottle pieces.

When installing the friction washer plastic recycling, the machine can be tilted to allow maximum friction and to bring out impurities and contaminants. Different styles of plastic friction washers can be selected depending on the location of the production line and the height of the plant.

details of frictional washing machine

Features of Friction Washer Plastic Recycling

This machine is mainly used for high-speed friction cleaning of plastic bottle pieces, which can effectively remove impurities and dirt, and also remove the lye residue of materials in the PET flakes hot washing machine.

This machine has a strong friction force, the rubbing plate friction time is long, the cleaning effect is obvious, and it is easy for daily maintenance.

Parameters of Plastic Friction Washer

Power 7.5kw15kw
Out layer4mm4mm
Blade thickness6mm6mm
The recycled plastic friction washer can be supplied in customized colors and heights.

Plastic Friction Washer Export Cases

We are proud to supply customized a plastic friction washer to our Nigerian customer to meet their requirements for machine size, exterior design, and more. To ensure perfect integration into the customer’s production line, key parameters such as machine height and inlet size were adjusted according to the requirements. Below is a customized machine for the Nigerian client.

friction washer plastic

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These PET recycling machines work together to form a complete PET bottle washing plant for the efficient recycling of PET bottles. If you want to start a PET bottle recycling business, the PET recycling machines from Shuliy are the right solution for you!