HDPE Pelletizing Machine Applied in Nigeria in 2023

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Recently, we received good news back from our Nigerian customers. The customer from Nigeria is planning to process HDPE waste into plastic granules. After discussing with Shuliy Group, the customer decided to buy our HDPE pelletizing machine. A few months ago, the customer received the HDPE granules making machine and started to install it, and now it has been successfully installed and started to run. Let’s delve into the details of this successful cooperation.

HDPE Pelletizing Machine feedback in Nigeria

Cooperation with Nigerian Customer

Customers from Nigeria want to process their HDPE scrap into valuable plastic pellets. Because Shuliy Machinery is a well-known supplier of plastic recycling equipment, the customer chose to cooperate with us. Our sales manager patiently confirmed the customer’s needs and tailored a comprehensive solution, recommending HDPE granules making machine models that fit perfectly with the customer’s production capacity and budget constraints. The customer was satisfied and finalized the cooperation.

Successful Application of HDPE Pelletizing Machine

After the HDPE pelletizing machine arrives on time, the customer installs it under the guidance of Shuliy Machinery’s technicians. The installation process was very smooth, and the customer has already tried the HDPE pelletizing machine and put it into production. The customer is very satisfied with the machine and the final product quality and sent us a feedback video.

Shuliy’s Plastic Pelletizer for Sale

The Shuliy Group has extensive experience in plastic recycling and pelletizing solutions and project installations. Shuliy Group provides solutions, technical support, and installation guidance to its customers. In addition, if customers need customized plastic pelletizing line, Shuliy Group can also provide them according to customers’ needs. Tell Shuliy Group what you need.