Granulator Machine for Sale

inclined belt conveyor and plastic granulator

The granulator machine is an efficient plastic recycling machine, its main function is to convert waste plastic into reusable plastic granules, so as to achieve the effective recycling of plastic resources. The granulating machine plastic recycling is suitable for processing many plastic materials, including PP, PE(LDPE, HDPE), ABS, PS, and so on.

Our plastic pellet making machines have been successfully exported to many countries, bringing benefits to customers in these countries. Among them, customer factories in Saudi Arabia, Mozambique, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, and other countries have benefited from our advanced pelletizing technology and reliable equipment performance.

Shuliy’s Granulator Machine Video

This video shows the details of the granulating machine plastic recycling very well, from the feed inlet, the motor, the heating unit, and the screw to the die head, we can see it clearly. Understanding the structure of the granulator machine can improve the operator’s operating skills, enhance the stability and safety of the equipment, and also help in the maintenance and repair of the equipment. This is of great significance to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment, prolong its service life and produce high-quality products.

Granulating Machine Plastic Recycling Factory Show