Friction Washer Plastic Exported To Nigeria

friction washer plastic

Recently, our company has been honored to provide customized friction washer plastic to a Nigerian customer, aiming to improve the efficiency of their plastic bottle washing recycling line. This cooperation not only demonstrates our professional ability in customized solutions but also demonstrates our profound understanding of customer needs.

Machine Customisation And Customer Needs

In close communication with the customer, we understand that the customer’s requirements for the friction washer plastic are not only the basic functions but also the machine’s size, appearance design, and other personalized requirements.

To ensure that the machine could be perfectly integrated into the customer’s production line, we adjusted the machine height, the size of the feed opening, and other key parameters according to their requirements. This sophisticated customization process is designed to meet the customer’s specific requirements for the production process and to increase efficiency.

Friction Washer Plastic Shipped Smoothly

After careful customization and close cooperation with the customer, our high-quality friction washer plastic has been successfully shipped. We are confident that our customized solution will bring significant improvements to our customer’s plastic bottle washing recycling line.

Machine Detailed Information

friction washer plastic
  • Power: 22kw
  • Input voltage: 15V 50HZ 3-phase
  • Effective length: 3m
  • Diameter: 0.5m
  • Loading point height: 2.4m
  • Discharge point height: 3.4m