Waste EPS Plastic Foam Crusher

The plastic foam crusher is used to crush waste foam such as disposable lunch boxes, insulation boards, extrusion boards, foam boxes into small pieces for subsequent recycling and granulation. The production capacity of this plastic recycling machine is 250kg/h-500kg/h.

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Plastic foam crusher is widely used in recycling industries such as waste foam leftovers, packaging foam, disposable lunch boxes, insulation boards, extrusion boards, foam boxes, insulation boards, heating materials, etc.

This machine can crush waste foam into small pieces, and then foam pieces are blown into a plastic foam extruder for recycling and granulation. The machine is easy to operate and produces almost no dust. It is an ideal choice for foam crushing and recycling.

Structure of Horizontal Foam Crusher

  • Inlet: The EPS foam inlet where the material is fed into the shredder. The feed opening is flush with the ground so that the material can be pushed directly into the crusher, saving labor.
  • Cutting room: The area for crushing materials, containing the rotating blade or cutter for decomposing foam.
  • Motor and drive system: to power the plastic foam crusher.
  • Emission system: output mechanism. Transports shredded foam to a collection point, such as a bag, container, or other equipment for further processing.

Raw Materials of Plastic Foam Crusher

The plastic foam crusher is suitable for crushing all foam plastic products before granulation. Including disposable lunch boxes, insulation boards, foam boxes, fruit net covers, and protective layers of household appliances.

Parameters of Horizontal Foam Crusher

Overall size (mm)1250*1290*6601250*1530*6601300*1730*7001600*2200*800
Feed port size (mm)800*6001000*6001200*6001500*800
Capacity (KG/H)250-300300-350400-450450-500
Power (KW)
We have a wide range of models to choose from and can customize the appearance and specifications of the styrofoam shredder machine to meet your needs.

Plastic Foam Crusher in plant

Styrofoam Shredder Application Video

This is the application of a styrofoam shredder in EPS foam granulation.