Successful Commissioning Of A Recycling Granulator Machine For A Customer In Togo

Commissioning Of A Recycling Granulator Machine

Two months ago, a Togo customer ordered a set of recycling granulator machines from our company. Last month, after the production of the machine was finished, the Togo customer came to our factory personally to check the equipment. At the request of the customer, we carried out a trial run on-site.

Togo customer visited plastic waste recycling machine plant

Recycling Granulator Machine On-Site Test

The Togo customer purchased a plastic extrusion granulation machine, plastic granules cutting machine, and plastic flake dewatering machine from our company. The following is the test run of the plastic extrusion granulation machine so that the customer can visually see the quality of the plastic granules produced.

On-Site Test Video

Plastic Extrusion Granulation Machine To Be Shipped To Togo

After the test run, we immediately arranged the shipment, hoping that the recycling granulator machine purchased by the customer in Togo would arrive at the customer’s factory as soon as possible.