How to Maintain the Plastic Crusher Machine?

A waste plastic crusher in the factory

The plastic crusher machine can be applied in the waste plastic recycling industry, plastic molding and processing industry, etc. It is an important equipment in the plastic recycling production line. Plastic crusher can crush all kinds of plastics made of PP, PE, and ABS, such as plastic barrels, plastic baskets, plastic films or plastic toys, etc.

In order to prolong the life of the machine and to ensure that it runs properly, maintenance is required. Shuliy Machinery’s plastic crusher machines are specially designed to be easy to maintain and clean.

Maintenance of Plastic Crusher Machine

  • The plastic crusher machine should be placed in a ventilated position to ensure that the heat from the motor work is dissipated and to prolong its life.
  • The bearings should be regularly lubricated to ensure lubrication between the bearings.
  • Regularly check the tool and screws. After using a brand-new plastic crusher machine for 1 hour, tighten the screws of the moving and fixed knives with tools to strengthen the fixity between the blades and the knife frame.
  • To ensure the sharpness of the cutting edge of the knife, the knife should always be checked to ensure its sharpness and to reduce unnecessary damage to other components caused by the blunt lack of the blade. Plastic crusher blades need to be regularly sharpened, 2-3 days can be ground once, you can choose to be equipped with a knife grinding machine.
  • Before starting for the second time, the remaining debris in the chamber should be removed to reduce the starting resistance.
  • The machine should be kept well grounded.
  • Regularly check the plastic crusher belt for slackness and tighten it in time.
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