PP HDPE PVC Hard Plastic Crusher

Hard plastic crusher is used to crush all kinds of hard plastic waste into small pieces, including PVC pipes, plastic drums, HDPE containers, plastic toys, tubes and so on. Output 600kg/h-1200kg/h. Our plastic recycling machine can be customised according to customers' needs.

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hard plastic crusher

In the complex process of plastic recycling, the hard plastic crusher plays a key role in effectively crushing waste hard plastic into small pieces for subsequent recycling and pelletizing. Global sales of the rigid plastic shredder machine have proved its excellent performance and reliability.

The hard plastic shredder is a kind of machinery specialized in crushing all kinds of rigid plastic materials. The blades made of high-strength steel can efficiently pulverize hard plastics such as ABS, PVC, PC, etc. into small particles. The overall structure of the machine is sturdy to ensure long time operation.

hard plastic crusher
hard plastic crusher

Introduction of Hard Plastic Crusher

The HDPE shredder machine is widely used in the plastic recycling industry, it is an indispensable plastic recycling machine in plastic recycling granulation lines. The machine can be used to crush hard plastics such as PVC pipes, plastic drums, HDPE containers, plastic baskets, plastic toys, and so on into small pieces, which is convenient for the subsequent granulation process.

Raw Materials and Final Products

Our rigid plastic shredder machine can be used to crush PP PE waste plastic drums, plastic baskets, plastic toys, pipes, PVC pipes, HDPE containers, and so on. After crushing, it is uniform-size plastic pieces.

Working Video of Rigid Plastic Shredder Machine

HDPE shredder machine is crushing plastic drums.

Do You Know the Structure of Plastic Scrap Shredder?

Our plastic scrap shredder is composed of several key components, each intricately designed and manufactured to ensure high performance and reliability. Among these critical structural components are:

  • Feeding Port: Designed with precision, the feeding port ensures a steady and uniform entry of plastic waste into the crushing chamber, enhancing shredding efficiency.
  • Crushing Chamber: Tailored specifically for rigid plastics, the crushing chamber effectively pulverizes waste, ensuring the quality of the end product.
  • Blades: Carefully selected high-strength blades, coupled with a well-designed knife frame, efficiently cut and crush rigid plastics.
  • Screen: The screen in a rigid plastic shredder machine is used to manage the size of the plastic pieces being crushed, and it serves to ensure that only pieces that meet the criteria pass through, while larger pieces are intercepted for further shredding.

Operation Principle of HDPE shredder machine

The operation principle of the hard plastic crusher is relatively simple yet highly effective. During operation, discarded rigid plastics are fed into the feeding port. They undergo cutting and impact by the blades within the crushing chamber, ultimately processed into fine plastic fragments. These fragments serve as a crucial intermediary product, facilitating subsequent granulation processes.

rigid plastic shredder machine
rigid plastic shredder machine

Parameter of Hard Plastic Crusher

Below is an overview of our hard plastic crusher models: the SL-600, SL-800, and SL-1000. each model has different output capacities, blade widths, power, and other features to meet different production needs.


  • Output: 600-800 kg/h
  • Blade Width: 600 cm
  • Number of Blades: 10
  • Blade Material: 60 Silicon Manganese
  • Power: 30 kW


  • Output: 800-1000 kg/h
  • Blade Width: 800 cm
  • Number of Blades: 10
  • Blade Material: 60 Silicon Manganese
  • Power: 45 kW


  • Output: 1000-1200 kg/h
  • Blade Width: 1000 cm
  • Number of Blades: 10
  • Blade Material: 60 Silicon Manganese
  • Power: 55 kW

FAQs of Hard Plastic Shredder

Which types of plastics are suitable for the hard plastic crusher?

Our rigid plastic shredder machine is suitable for various types of rigid plastic waste, including PVC pipes, plastic barrels, HDPE containers, HDPE bottles, plastic toys, and more.

How can I adjust the size of the plastic fragment?

Our plastic scrap shredder comes with screens of different specifications. You can select the appropriate screen according to your production needs to control the size of the plastic fragment.

Can it handle large volumes of plastic waste?

Yes, Shuliy’s hard plastic crusher is designed to efficiently process plastic waste of different volumes.

How should maintenance of the plastic scrap shredder be conducted?

Regularly clean the blades and screens, ensure good ventilation of the hard plastic shredder, and regularly inspect the functioning of transmission components to extend the machine’s lifespan.

Use of Knife Sharpener

When using the hard plastic crusher, we strongly recommend regularly employing a blade sharpening machine to maintain the blades. Typically, the blades require sharpening every 2 to 3 days, and this maintenance practice offers several benefits.

Firstly, blade sharpening ensures that the blades maintain a sharp cutting edge, ensuring efficient shredding of plastic waste. Secondly, sharpening the blades effectively extends their lifespan, reducing the frequency of blade replacements and minimizing production interruptions. Additionally, regular blade sharpening helps maintain the stability and operational efficiency of the hard plastic shredder, thereby enhancing production efficiency.

By fully utilizing a blade sharpening machine in the production process, you can ensure that the rigid plastic shredder machine consistently operates at its best, achieving continuous and efficient shredding and processing of plastic waste.

Knife grinding machine

Global Cases Of Hard Plastic Shredder

Plastic Scrap Shredder Exported to Ghana

The Ghanaian customer purchased two plastic scrap shredders from Shuliy Machinery, one for crushing soft materials and the other for crushing hard materials. After receiving the machine, the customer said that our hard plastic crusher is efficient in production and easy to maintain.

Two plastic scrap shredders shipped to Ghana
Two plastic scrap shredders shipped to Ghana

HDPE Shredder Machine To Somalia

A customer from Somalia ordered an HDPE shredder machine, and after we finished the production, the customer personally came to our factory for acceptance. We showed the crushing effect of the machine to the customer on the spot, and the customer said he was very satisfied, and the machine had been sent to the customer’s factory.

SL-400 Plastic Recycling Crusher Sent To Nigeria

A Nigerian customer ordered an SL-400 plastic recycling crusher from our company. We customized the machine according to the customer’s requirements and added wheels to the machine for easy movement.

Applications of Hard Plastic Crusher

The video below shows a customer’s plastic recycling plant in Oman. This Omani customer is using our plastic recycling machine to process PVC hard plastics and the video shows the application of the hard plastic shredder.

The plastic recycling crusher has a flexible way of use and can be used alone, or with other equipment to form a production line, to meet the diverse needs of different users.

Plastic Shredder Machine Price

If you want to know the price of our HDPE shredder machine, welcome to leave a message on our website or contact us via WhatsApp, our sales manager will send you the hard plastic shredder quotation as well as other details of the machine as soon as possible.