How Does The EPE Styrofoam Pelletizing Machine Work?

EPE Styrofoam Pelletizing Machine

The EPE styrofoam pelletizing machine is the main equipment used to process EPE foam into foam pellets, and this article will provide an in-depth analysis of the working principle of the machine and reveal its key steps in the reuse of waste EPE foam.

EPE Styrofoam Pelletizing Machine Workflow

EPE Foam Feeding And Crushing

In the first step of the EPE EPE granulator’s work, the operator puts waste EPE foam into the machine’s inlet. Immediately afterward the shredding unit comes into play, crushing the large pieces of foam material into smaller pieces, ready for subsequent processing.

Heating And Melting Process

The crushed EPE foam pieces enter the EPE granulator, which is the core part of the whole workflow. Inside the machine, a heating unit starts to heat the foam pieces and gradually melts them. Through this step, the EPE foam is transformed into a plastic melt state, laying the foundation for subsequent molding.

Extrusion & Moulding

In the melted state, the EPE foam enters the screw area in the EPE styrofoam pelletizing machine and is propelled by the screw toward the head. During this process, the foam material is extruded out of the machine’s die head to form a long strip of plastic. This long strip will be cut into small pellets in a subsequent step, for easier storage and transport.

Cooling And Cutting

The molded EPE foam strip passes through a cooling tank where it is rapidly cooled and cured. This step ensures the final shape and texture of the granules. Next, it enters the pellet cutting machine, where the EPE foam strip is precisely cut into small plastic granules.

recycles EPE pellets
recycles EPE pellets

EPE Granulator Working Video