Shuliy 500kg/h PVC Granulation Line Configuration

PVC granulation line

In our relentless endeavor to satisfy our customers’ needs and improve production efficiency, we are proud to introduce the 500kg/h PVC granulation line configuration from Shuliy Machinery. As an example of our successful installation at our customer’s plant in Oman, this article will detail each part of the machine configuration.

500kg/h PVC Granulation Line Configuration

Below are the details of the 500kg/h PVC pelletizing line purchased by our customer in Oman.

Belt conveyorLength: 5m
Power: 2.2kw
PVC shredder machineModel: SLSP-60
Power: 37kw
Capacity: 600-800kg/h
Knives: 10pcs
Knives Material: 65Mn
ConveyorPower: 2.2kw
Length: 3m
Width: 350mm
Plastic chips washing machineLength: 8 meters
With chain and motor
Vertical dewatering machinePower: 7.5kw
Another is 4.5kw
Horizontal dewatering machinePower: 22kw1
PVC granulator machineMain unit
Model: SL-190
Power: 55kw
2.6m screw
Heating method: Electromagnetic heating(60kw+80kw)
Reducer:315 hardened gear reducer
Second plane
Model: SL-180
1.5m screw
Heating ring
Plastic cooling tank for recyclingLength: 5m
Stainless steel
Pellet cutting machineModel SL-200
Power: 4KW
With inverter
Hob knives
Plastic pellets siloMaterial: Stainless steel
Power: 2.2kw
500kg/h PVC Granulation Line Configuration

PVC Granulation Line Supplier

Through careful configuration, our 500kg/h PVC pelletizing line provides customers with an efficient and reliable production solution. Each section is precision-engineered to ensure that the entire line works together to maximize capacity and product quality.

Shuliy Machinery will continue to endeavor to provide customers with excellent plastic processing equipment. If you need any plastic recycling machine, please leave your message on our website.