SL-800 Hard Plastic Shredder Sent To Somalia

hard plastic shredder

Recently, Shuliy Machinery sent a hard plastic shredder to Somalia. Somali customers need an efficient shredder machine to crush some hard plastics, in order to solve this problem, Somali customers decided to choose the rigid plastic shredder machine SL-800 under Shuliy Machinery. This machine has a highly efficient capacity of 700-800kg/h, which is specially designed for the crushing and processing of hard plastics.

Hard Plastic Shredder Details

  • Model: SL-800
  • Power: With 35 hp diesel engine
  • Capacity: 700-800kg/h
  • Blade: Length 400, width 100, thickness 16
rigid plastic shredder machine

Customer Site Inspection

After finishing the rigid plastic shredder machine in our factory, the Somali customer came to the site for product inspection. He observed and checked the working condition and effect of the hard plastic shredder SL-800 in detail. After the test, the customer showed great satisfaction with our products. The customer was impressed by the stable operation of the machine and its ability to process hard plastics efficiently. Below is a video of a customer site inspection.