What is the Function of a Label Remover Machine?

pet-bottle-label-removing-machine in plant

The label remover machine is used to remove label paper from plastic bottles such as abandoned mineral water bottles, cola bottles, and beverage bottles, thereby replacing manual label stripping and greatly improving production efficiency.

Introduction of Label Remover Machine

The PET bottle label remover is a type of equipment specifically designed to peel off the labels of various types of PET whole bottles (or flattened bottles). It is one of the necessary auxiliary equipment before the crushing and further cleaning process of PET bottle materials.

Mainly to meet the production needs of the plastic bottle detachment process on the PET bottle washing line. The development of label remover machines has replaced manual label removal, greatly improving production efficiency and saving labor. And it will generate good economic and social benefits. Shuliy’s de-labeling machine has high efficiency, with a labeling rate of 98% for round bottles.

The Function of PET Bottle Label Remover

The main purpose of the label remover machine is to peel off the labels on PET bottles, which is the first process on the PET bottle flake washing line. As is well known, PVC in waste PET bottles mainly exists in the form of label paper. Due to the PVC and PET are both submerged materials, PVC must be removed before crushing and processing to ensure the quality of recycled bottle flakes.

The working principle of the de-labeling machine is to first use the internal blades of the machine to tear the label on the surface of the bottle so that the label no longer adheres to the bottle, and then completely separate the bottle and label under the action of the fan.

This is a video of the de-labeling machine in action, showing how the machine works and the results of the machine.