Indian Customer Visited The PET Plastic Recycling Machine

Indian customer visits PET plastic recycling machine

Yesterday, a customer from India came to our company to visit our PET plastic recycling machine. This visit is an important communication between our company and our international customers, and a great opportunity to show our technology and equipment. Our sales manager Tina warmly received the customer and introduced our PET bottle recycling process and related equipment in detail.

Visit the PET Plastic Recycling Machine

Through online communication with the customer, we learned that the customer’s raw material is waste PET bottles, which need PET bottle recycling equipment to process them into recycled PET bottle flakes. So we invite the customer to visit our PET bottle recycling machine factory.

After arriving at the factory, Tina led the customer to visit our production workshop, showed us our related equipment, and at the same time introduced the PET bottle recycling process to the customer. We showed our customers the equipment needed to recycle PET bottles including the plastic label removing machine, shredder for plastic bottles, and PET flakes washing machine. Our engineers explained in detail the working principle and performance characteristics of these machines and demonstrated the stability and high efficiency of the PET plastic recycling machine.

Customer Feedback

Customers showed high appreciation for our equipment and technology. They admired our company’s professional knowledge and rich experience in the field of PET plastic recycling and expressed strong interest in future cooperation. At the end of the visit, the customers indicated that they would go back to consider the possibility of further cooperation and hoped that they could establish a long-term relationship with us in the future.

Indian customer visits PET plastic recycling machine