Plastic Recycling Equipment Shipping To Ethiopia

plastic recycling pelletizing machine

Good news for you! We have successfully reached a cooperation with a customer in Ethiopia, and a set of plastic recycling equipment will be sent to Ethiopia soon. The customer wants to process all kinds of PP PE waste plastics into plastic pellets, and we have customized a solution for them.

Details of Ethiopia Plastic Recycling Equipment

The following table shows the parameters of the machines sent to Ethiopia, including two plastic material shredders, a plastic washing tank, a plastic recycling pelletizing machine, a plastic Dana cutting machine, and so on. Besides, there are also accessories such as conveyors, an auto feeder, an air blower, and so on.

Plastic material shredderModel: SLSP-600
Power: 22kw
Capacity: 600-800kg/h
Knives: 10pcs
Knives Material: 60Si2Mn
Plastic washing tankLength: 5m
With 2pcs grapple
With chain and motor
Host plastic recycling pelletizing machineModel: SL-180
Power: 75kw
2.8m screw
Hardened gear reducer With inverter
Second pelletizing machineModel: SL-150
Power: 30kw
1.3 screw
Heating method: heating ring heating
Hardened gear reducer
Screw material: 40Cr
Plastic Dana Cutting MachinePower: 3kw
Hob knives
Converter speed regulation

Plastic Recycling Equipment Picture

Below are pictures of the machines sent to Ethiopia.