Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine To Be Shipped To South Sudan

plastic bottle recycling machine

Share the good news with you. A set of plastic bottle recycling machines is produced and test completed, and will be sent to South Sudan soon. The South Sudan customer wants to start a PET bottle recycling business, and we provide an efficient and customized solution for the customer. Let’s look at some machine pictures.

Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine Parameters

Plastic bottle label removerPower: 3kw
Length: 4000mm
Width: 600mm
Plastic bottle shredder machineCrush the bottle into small chips
Model: SL-60
Power: 22kw
Capacity: 500kg/h
Size: 1100*1400*1600mm
Crusher: 10pcs( material 9Cr Si)
Sink float separation tankSeparate PET chips and PE bottle cap
Power: 3kw
Size: 5000*1000*1000mm
Hot washed PET flakes machineWash PET chips with hot water and a cleaning agent
Power: 4kw
Friction washer plastic recyclingPower: 5.5kw
Plastic chips dryer machineDewatering for PET chips
Power: 15kw
Size: 2500*750mm
Specifications of the plastic bottle recycling machines ordered by the South Sudan customer

Processing Waste Plastic Bottles Into Renewable Resources

With a customized plastic bottle recycling machine, we can efficiently process discarded plastic bottles and turn them into renewable resources. These resources can then be used to produce new plastic products, making an important contribution to the circular economy.

If you also want to recycle waste PET bottles, Shuliy Machinery provides comprehensive technical support and guidance to meet your specific requirements.

recycle PET bottle into PET flakes

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Shuliy Machinery provides comprehensive PET bottle recycling solutions, including equipment configuration, production process, complete plastic bottle recycling machine supply, project guidance, installation assistance, and so on. If you are considering purchasing this equipment, please feel free to contact us for a consultation.