Opening A PET Bottle Scrap Recycling Plant In Saudi Arabia

PET bottle recycling business

Shuliy Machinery has exported PET bottle scrap recycling plants and other machines to customers in Saudi Arabia many times, and several customers have contacted us about recycling PET bottles, PP PE, etc., indicating that they have a large number of resources.

This article looks at the feasibility of opening a plastic bottle recycling plant in Saudi Arabia, the recycling process, and our role as a supplier in this process.

Feasibility of Opening a PET Bottle Scrap Recycling Plant

The feasibility of opening a plastic bottle recycling plant in Saudi Arabia deserves serious consideration. Firstly, Saudi Arabia is a highly industrialized country that produces a large amount of PET bottle waste every year. Therefore, establishing a recycling plant has a stable source of raw materials. Secondly, with the increasing demand for sustainable development, recycling PET bottle waste has a huge market potential and can bring considerable profits to enterprises.

PET Bottle Recycling Process

  • Label removal: Firstly there are special PET bottle label remover machines to remove the labels from the bottles.
  • Crushing: A professional PET shredder machine crushes them into bottle flakes.
  • Washing: PET bottle flakes have to go through several washing processes to remove impurities.
  • Drying: The cleaned PET bottle fragments need to be dried to bring them to a reusable state.
PET flakes washing line

PET Recycling Machine Manufacturer

As a professional PET recycling machine manufacturer, we can provide a series of advanced equipment, including PET shredder machines, plastic washing machines, plastic dryers, and so on, to help customers achieve efficient PET bottle recycling and reuse. Our equipment not only has stable and reliable performance but also can be customized in terms of appearance, capacity, and configuration to provide the best solution for customers. If you want to open a PET bottle scrap recycling plant, please feel free to contact us.

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