How Does the PET Bottle Crusher Work?

pet bottle crusher

Crushing is an important process when recycling plastic bottles, so the role of PET bottle crushers in the plastic bottle recycling line is crucial. Plastic bottle crusher is used in a wide range, not only can crush PET, but also can crush PVC/PP/PE. So how does a plastic bottle crusher work? Please continue to read this article.

Working Principle of PET Bottle Crusher

The plastic bottle crusher includes two sets of knives, one set of moving knives, and one set of fixed knives. When the machine is running at high speed, an angle will be formed between the fixed knife and the movable knife, so as to cut the plastic bottles. When using the plastic bottle crusher, you should maintain an even feed to prevent clogging. Be careful not to let destructive impurities into the machine, especially various bulk metals.

Plastic Bottle Crusher Working Video

PET Bottle Crusher Maintenance

  • Keep the blades sharp. You can prepare spare blades or have a sharpener.
  • Be careful to check the clearance between the fixed and moving knives to ensure product quality.
  • Ensure that the bearings are well lubricated.
  • Check whether the bolts are firm and the degree of wear of wear-prone parts, and repair and replace them in a timely manner.