Morocco Customers Visit Our Plastic Scrap Recycling Machine

Moroccan customers visit plastic scrap recycling machine

Recently, we have been honored to welcome two customers from Morocco, who showed great interest in our advanced plastic scrap recycling machines. Coincidentally, these two customers are staying in China, so we quickly decided to invite them to visit our company to have a deeper understanding of our production process and technology level.

Visit Plastic Scrap Recycling Machine

Upon their arrival, we warmly greeted them and accompanied them to visit our waste plastic recycling equipment, during the tour, we introduced our production process, equipment configuration, and so on. Customers showed great interest asked questions and actively communicated with our engineers.

During the visit, we displayed our state-of-the-art recycled plastic extrusion machine and demonstrated its ability to process plastic waste efficiently. Our Moroccan customers highly appreciated our technical level.

Moroccan customers visit plastic scrap recycling machine
Moroccan customers visit plastic scrap recycling machine

Customer Satisfaction

After the visit, we arranged an in-depth meeting with the customer to understand their specific needs and expectations. The customer expressed great satisfaction with our equipment and process and paid a 30% deposit on the spot to ensure that we start producing the waste plastic recycling equipment they need as soon as possible.

This visit demonstrated the great recognition of our Moroccan customer and we will deliver the equipment ordered by the customer as soon as possible. We are looking forward to the early operation of our plastic scrap recycling machine in the plants of our Moroccan customers.