Plastic Pellet Extruder Machine: Factors Affecting The Product Conversion Rate

plastic pellet extruder machine

The plastic pellet extruder machine is one of the commonly used equipment in the field of plastics processing, and its main function is to process plastic wastes or raw materials into granular materials, which can be used to manufacture plastic products again.

However, the product conversion rate of the recycling granulator machine is not fixed and is affected by many factors. Understanding these influencing factors is essential to improve product conversion and optimize production efficiency during the production process.

plastic pellet extruder

Factors Affecting Conversion Rates

Feedstock quality: The quality and dirtiness of the plastic scrap directly affect the conversion rate of the plastic pellet extruder machine. Cleaner feedstock usually results in a higher conversion rate, while dirty or impure feedstock reduces the conversion rate. Therefore, the raw material needs to be thoroughly cleaned and screened before using the recycling granulator machine.

Processing parameters: Processing parameters of the recycling granulator machine, such as temperature, pressure, and speed, also have an important impact on the product conversion rate. Reasonable processing parameters can improve the fluidity and plasticization of raw materials, which is conducive to improving the conversion rate.

Equipment quality and performance: The quality and performance of the plastic pellet extruder machine itself will also directly affect the product conversion rate. High-quality equipment has higher productivity and stability, can more effectively utilize raw materials, and reduces the rate of waste generation.

Plastic Pellet Extruder Machine Supplier

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