Plastic Scrap Recycling Plant Successfully Installed In Oman

Plastic scrap recycling plant installed in Oman

Good news! The plastic scrap recycling plant has been installed in Oman. The Omani customer uses this plant to process hard plastic baskets, plastic casings, etc., into plastic pellets. Our engineers assisted the customer throughout the installation process.

As you can see from the live video below, the installation process went smoothly. The quality of the final product (plastic pellets) meets the customer’s requirements. Please watch this video.

Video of plastic scrap recycling plant in operation in Oman

Installation Of Plastic Scrap Recycling Machine

Through precise planning and orderly execution, the engineering team worked with the site to ensure the efficient installation of the plastic scrap recycling machine. From equipment handling to assembly and commissioning, each step was carefully checked and operated. The engineers demonstrated excellent professional skills on-site to ensure the smooth running of the whole installation process.

Plastic Scrap Recycling Plant In Operation

Once the equipment was installed, the engineers carried out exhaustive commissioning work. They carefully checked the operating status of each piece of equipment to ensure its stability and reliability. Through scientific commissioning and testing, the plastic pelletizing line worked smoothly together and achieved the expected results.

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