Efficient Plastic Washing Pelletizing Line in Shuliy

Plastic Washing Pelletizing Line

Shuliy’s plastic washing pelletizing line is used to convert waste plastic into recycled plastic pellets. The raw materials include soft materials such as plastic bags and agricultural films and hard materials such as plastic drums and baskets. Through the plastic pelletizing production line, these waste plastics can be effectively processed and reused, and also increase revenue for plastic recycling manufacturers.

Main Equipment of the Plastic Washing Pelletizing Line

The Shuliy high-efficiency plastic pelletizing production line has a range of cutting-edge equipment that ensures optimum performance throughout the process. The line includes a plastic scrap shredder machine, plastic washing tank, plastic drying, pelletizer machine plastic, and plastic granule cutter.

The heart of a plastic washing pelletizing line is the granulation stage. Here, molten plastic is extruded into strips, subsequently cooled and cured, and then cut into uniformly sized pellets. Shuliy’s precision-engineered pelletizing technology ensures consistent pellet quality.

Plastic Recycling Granulating Line

Flexible Plastic Pelletizing Production Line

One of the highlights of the Shuliy plastic granulating line is the flexibility of its design. The line can be customized to suit customer needs and different types of plastic waste. For example, if the customer’s scrap is dirty and the output is more than 400kg/h, we recommend you choose two sets of plastic washing tanks.

Plastic Pelletizing Production Line Price

The price of plastic washing pelletizing line is affected by many factors. The capacity and scale of the production line are the key factors affecting the price, and the quality of the production line’s equipment and the brand it belongs to will directly affect the price. Besides, the plastic granulating line can be adjusted according to the specific needs of customers, which may increase the price. If you want to know the exact price, please feel free to leave a message on our website or contact us via Whatsapp.